Marble Math & Marble Math Junior

NEWteacherwithappsMarble Math, by Artgig Apps, is a brilliant way to reinforce core math concepts and to help students understand concepts and practice skills that are an integral part of any math curriculum. The best part is that the iPad, with all of its interactivity, has been harnessed to ensure that this game is more than engaging and more than fun. There's a lot of fabulous learning, in the way of critical thinking, going on here. Marble Math is incorporating just what the Common Core Curriculum is asking for and doing a superb job of it! Differentiation is also a key component addressed, as this whole game is easily customized for each child. This is not your standard skill and drill, but a much more sophisticated game of mental math. Some students may even need some scrap paper or a small whiteboard to help in answering some of the questions. Kids in our class love to work with either of these for figuring out problems with this type of app. The fifth-grade students that got a taste of Marble Math, using TestFlight, were impressed with all the different options and just loved rolling the marbles. There were giggles galore,  but also lots of learning and math strategies being utilized at the same time!

How Kids are Learning

  • Kids think through how they are going to approach answering each question. There is strategy involved.
  • Questions ask more than basic “count” or “add.” Kids are asked questions in a variety of math areas integrating ordinal numbers, dice, tallies, shapes and more to solve math questions.
  • Game play helps kids tap into the powerful learning of answering questions incorrectly.
  • Much more engaging than worksheets and timed tests. Kids want to do their math practice on this app, which means more time spent thinking and learning.
  • Parents pick and choose what concepts their kids see in the app. Tailoring the experience helps to make sure your kids are challenged and working on concepts that are relevant to their learning.
There are three levels of difficulty levels to suit different ages and abilities, with 16 unique marble styles to choose from. Students love the challenge of working toward the highest scores on the board.
The object of the game is to solve a variety of math problems by collecting numbers and bonuses as you navigate a series of mazes with your marble. But watch out math whizzes! You’ll need to be focused and nimble to avoid the obstacles in your path.Wrong answer? No problem! Marble Math gives you the option to Replay the question or Show the correct answer in a game simulation, before moving on to the next problem.  Concepts include:
    • addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
    • fractions, common denominators, improper fractions
    • roman numerals
    • factoring
    • decimals
    • negative integers
Marble Math Junior, by Artgig Apps, is based on the original game and includes all the wonderful mental math and differing levels as Marble Math. Marble Math Junior's problems are suitable for younger kids and run the gamut of concepts needed to build a strong foundation in math from the early primary grades. In addition, early learners who may not be reading yet can tap on a problem to hear it spoken. We LOVE this feature and so did the younger students that we field-tested this app with. This is one essential app that all early elementary school students should have on their iPads.
Concepts include:
  • addition, subtraction, and multiplication
  • ordering
  • equivalence/value comparison
  • fractions
  • shape matching
  • telling time
Who knew math could be this much fun?
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