Master Brain Jigsaw For Kids

imgo-22Master Brain Jigsaw For Kids is a brain activity puzzle game designed for kids from 4 - 8 years old. Master Brain Jigsaw For Kids was created to help younger kids to recognize objects, object parts, and its spatial relations. Designers at KLAP Edutainment carefully developed the game for each stage of difficulty to match the requirement of younger kids. Be it colors, objects and their sizes the designers checked at each stage that the game-play is fun, engaging and children love playing it. At KLAP Edutainment designers decided on a fresh new style of simple, y elegant jigsaw pieces for kids to easily complete using simple designs. All the team worked on single goal i.e., provide brain activity, fun and learning to younger kids. The puzzles are composed of popular kid categories: IAP Animals, Vehicles, Fruits and Vegetables. Screen-1Right now “Master Brain Jigsaw For Kids” is available only on Google Play USA and soon the game will be released worldwide. Right now the game is completely free with easy IAP option to access new content. From the words of KLAP Edutainment CEO Mr. Janardhana Guptha “KLAP Edutainment objective is to provide fun and learning through mobile games to kids. Master Brain Jigsaw For Kids is our first step in this journey and we have a huge pipeline of kids fun and learning games waiting to get released in coming days”. Screen-2 Screen-3 Screen-5 Screen-4          

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