Masterpiece by Osmo is truly a work of art

images-8Masterpiece by Osmo is truly a work of art, the modern Leonardo DaVinci-esque drawing tool. This new app is easy to use and enables magnificent drawings for any skill level. The quick tutorial gives you easy access to start drawing right away. Once you have the device set up and have your pen ready to go, choose whatever you would like to draw. The app supplies you with a choice of ready-made examples to choose from in their gallery: animals, nature, people, etc. But the fun really starts when you add your own images, either use an existing photo from your camera roll or take a new picture of any subject you desire. The upload couldn’t be simpler and Viola, you are almost ready to draw. This app allows the user to control and choose the contrast and line image as well as adjusting the color within the settings on the screen. You also have the choice of deciding if you want a simple line drawing or an elaborate line drawing. Another really cool feature is the ability to grab and resize, relocate, flip and rotate the image anywhere on the paper. This is made possible by the games reflective artificial intelligence technology enabled when you place the red gadget over the camera on the iPad. By the way, one also walks away with an incredible concrete illustration of the chosen subject. Give this app more than consideration for home use; the possibilities in a classroom setting are endless! No age limit here, either... The students we worked with were in the middle school track and were so excited by the concept that it was hard to contain their enthusiasm. They were a bit intimidated to start but caught on quick, they enthusiastically urged each other on and patiently wait for an another turn. To begin, place a sheet of paper in front of the screen under the stand. The prompts suggest using a pen, we tried alternatives: marker, pencil, charcoal, chalk… The first experience will be a new one as you experiment with adjusting eye-hand coordination. Unlike, the usual practice of drawing and looking at your subject and the paper while you draw, you view the screen and trace over the red lines. We recommend that you don’t look at your paper as it confuses you and disrupts the flow of smooth eye hand coordination as the processing of visual input is compromised. From start to finish you will be amazed how this program makes it so easy to draw what is on the screen with EPIC results! Best feature ever is that once after you have completed the drawing, a time-lapsed video of the drawing in the process is shown to you after you press save! You can share this fast-motion video via email with a contact or save it to your camera roll. By the way, one walks away with an incredible concrete illustration of the topic of their choice. WARNING: This app can be majorly addicting and definitely don’t show it to anyone who is an art teacher; they have a tendency to not stop once they start! Dr. ChinChristopher Loughlin is a veteran art teacher with over for 15 years of experience in both the primary and middle school public school system. He has been the director extaordinaire of the summer art camp for the Meadow Club for over 30 years. Presently he is working in the Vero Beach Museum teaching Sumi, ceramics, and pastels. He has a website in progress where soon you will be able to purchase his famous "Home's of the Hamptons" prints.
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