5 Exceptional Math Apps – Connecting Concepts

  PicMonkey Collage megacalproicMegaPro Calc is developed by Chris Ternoey. It is a calculator app that teaches addition and subtraction. All the numbers have beads associated to them and they are shown in 3D, to represent the amount of beads. For example, for a number 3 in hundreds place looks like 300 beads. This app has up to 7 digit addition and subtraction, which is quite elaborate and covers major aspects of addition. MegaProCalcIt also explains the concept of carrying over/borrowing very clearly. When students first start learning addition and subtraction, carryover is a difficult concept to grasp. This app does a great job of explaining place value clearly through the use of a visual calculator. MegaPro Calc displays what the equations would look like on paper while they are interacting with the different number cards and beads in the exercises. An added bonus to the app is the audio. If children are not sure what a specific number is, then they can tap on the audio to have that number read to them. This is a great app to explain addition and subtraction to children with a calculator that is designed specifically for them. imgres-11Endless Numbers is developed by Originator. This app uses touch math to teach number recognition, sequences, quantity, numerical patterns, and simple addition to children. All the numbers in the app are adorable monsters with eyes that the children can tap on to count. Each number has cute animations and when they are tapped and dragged, the audio says that number repeatedly to remind the children which number they have tapped. Every level has this format of interactions - First, it is recognizing the numbers, then adding two numbers to make a number, and lastly a mini story explaining that added number. endlessNumbersThe mini story is an innovative way to place the number in a sentence and it also shows simple animations to explain it. The animation of a plus sign eating the numbers to create a new number helps the children understand that adding two numbers makes one number. This is an adorable app that brings numbers to life, making it fun for children to play and learn! imagesDragonBox Numbers is developed by WeWantToKnow. DragonBox Numbers is an app that brings numbers to life through the characters called Nooms. These Nooms can be stacked, sliced, and combined in multiple ways to bring concepts to life. This app is made using a combination of games that use numbers in ingenious ways and teach how they work. The ‘Puzzle’ section in the app involves combining and slicing the numbers to make a puzzle. There is a wide range of puzzles that include animals, vehicles, food, monsters, space, among many others. The ‘Sandbox’ section is great at teaching number sense up to 100. Children can combine the numbers by making the Nooms eat each other and learn that combining numbers makes a larger number. dragonBoxNumbersThe ‘Run’ section is a fun runner game in which a Noom is running and collecting stars. What is striking about this section is that the Noom can only jump by clicking on a specific number, and the higher the number that is clicked, the higher the Noom jumps! Lastly, the ‘Ladder’ section is the one in which children have to stack the Nooms to a certain number. This is a great app that teaches about numbers and the difference between smaller and larger numbers through the adorable interactive characters called The Nooms. imgres-12DragonBox Big Numbers is developed by WeWantToKnow. This app teaches different concepts of addition and subtraction that a child needs to learn at a young age and is made to follow Dragon Box Numbers. There are 6 different worlds to explore with 10 different resources like apples, rocks, and fish among many others to trade for coins. These coins are then used to buy different resources, especially diamonds that are required to unlock the different worlds. Every section of the app involves some kind of addition or subtraction exercise to move further in the game. After collecting the different apples and rocks, children have to perform addition or subtraction exercises. During each exercise, they have to write the answer by dragging their finger instead of tapping something, similar to how they would write on a piece of paper. Dragon Box Big NumbersThis action helps them relate closely to how they would perform exercises in a classroom setting. It also teaches about place value, by using visuals like a single apple to represent the ones place and a bag of apples to represent tens place. This app has made use of the different concepts that are taught in class and made them accessible by giving them the purpose of building a beautiful world for the delightful characters called Nooms. 175x175bbTwelve a Dozen is developed by Touch Press. In this addicting app, the players have to save a crumbling world of Dozenopolis, and the only number that can help save it is the number 12. The player has to solve math puzzles by adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing numbers to and from the number 12. There are multiple valves throughout the game, which can be used to change the number based on the number that the puzzle requires. TwelveADozenThis app gets challenging and compelling as the players progress through the game because they come across multiple numbers and they have to figure out which ones to combine using the valves to get the correct answer to solve the puzzle. The players earn different powers as they advance through the game as well. This is a exceptional educational game that assesses our knowledge of math and challenges us to finish the different levels using our problem-solving skills!   Griva PatAAEAAQAAAAAAAApgAAAAJGMxMDIwZTk3LTE3NTYtNDJiMi04MjFmLWE0MjkxZmZiNTM3YQ-300x300el is a currently pursuing Master of Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University.  With a team of 5 students, she is working on a project making an app that focuses on a rapid practice of addition and subtraction operators. This app involves fixing robots while doing math exercises. Griva is passionate about designing educational games and is an Intern for Teachers With Apps.  
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