Math Bakery 1 – Start Counting

<a href="" style="display:inline-block;overflow:hidden;background:url( no-repeat;width:135px;height:40px;background-size:contain;"></a> 246x0w-1Math Bakery 1 - Start Counting by Pi Education is a sweet and adorable way to help your young children learn addition and subtraction through cookies and equations. With the Papa figure as the baker, the children add and subtract delicious cookies as they help with the baking. The app is aligned with the “base ten” approach.The combination of using the base 10 and distinct cookie shapes helps the child easily scan each row and quickly increase mental math skills for finding the sum or difference. 9 + 4 If a child gets stuck on a problem there is a hint button to help children add by asking them how many full rows are on the tray followed by how many lonely cookies are on the tray? For subtraction, the child is asked to move the designated number of cookies to the blue tray, encouraging the concept of base ten. Additionally, a number line is at the top of the cookie sheet for easy reference. Lessons involving doubling or halving the number of cookies on the cookie sheet are also included.

TWA was thrilled to see how fast-paced this game can be for those children farther along with their math facts and how easily it is to adapt to a slower speed for the child new or struggling with the concepts. In the settings, you can toggle between speeds and levels which makes the app easily appropriate for a broad range of skills. The main screen has a timer which can be a real motivator to get the kiddos moving at a faster pace to beat the clock once they are secure in the concept and process. The equations are displayed in a variety of ways to get children thinking deeper and work with the reciprocal skills of addition and subtraction. The developers have even included an easy access button to toggle the timer or music on or off displayed right on the home screen.


The addition of a Duel feature is an ingenious bonus to engage kids in friendly competition with either siblings, friends, parents or teachers. Of course, what would a contest be without rewards and the inclusion of a trophy? Prizes are available in the duel mode as well as in the single-player mode. Prizes can also be accumulated on the screen by collecting a variety of different items on each level. download download-1 This app was carefully designed in Sweden by a devoted team of two parents, Cecilia and Carl Magnell founded a Montessori-school in southern Sweden in 1994. They noticed that many of the pupils found mathematics difficult. Together with the teachers, they developed a way of visualizing the number system with the help of cookies and a baking tray. The method worked beyond expectations. Even the youngest children quickly learned to add, deduct and even multiply cookies. Suddenly maths was fun and concrete! Math 1 Bakery evolved and is now one of the most popular apps in Sweden! Wish List: We would have loved to have seen a bit more interaction available for the child to participate in the rolling of the dough, cutting out the shapes, and especially moving the cookies individually from the baking station onto the cookie sheet. <a href="" style="display:inline-block;overflow:hidden;background:url( no-repeat;width:135px;height:40px;background-size:contain;"></a>  
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  1. This looks like immense amounts of fun for young learners. I would get hungry though if I implemented this method!