Math Matthews Fractions

download-6Math Mathews Fractions by Kiupe is a new app starring the swash-buckling Captain Matthews, he fears nothing and helps students play their way to FUN fraction comprehension. The captain is a powerful pirate and is back at the helm again, this time on the Island of Sylla. He is whacking through an obstacle course of face-paced riddles, explorations, and exciting escapades. Everywhere throughout the game-play there are coins and gold to be collected on this perilous adventure, but you need to act fast! Watch out for the Totts, you never know when one is going to pop up and knock Captain Matthews off course. Much of the play is based on critical thinking skills in helping the captain avoid obstacles and solve riddles. The game has attempted to put learning first and added the necessary hazards that may be deemed a tad destructive, but older kids need an action-packed gaming scenario to remain engaged. Math Matthews Fractions is just that kind of game and it does hold the players' interest for long stretches of time while providing challenges and ample opportunity for reinforcement of learning math. The play begins with a simple introduction and of course, a treasure map, players are instructed by hotspots to swipe and get Captain Matthews on his way to traversing the cursed island. Of course, finding the many treasures along the treacherous path is a dangerous undertaking and the Captain is depending on the players to help him succeed. Students are introduced to the practice of showing fractions in ratios and proportions, adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator, and the solving of real-world word problems. Many of the lessons include visuals to help assist in the comprehension area which is a must for beginners. Dylan Math Matthews The kiddos we worked with loved the game challenge and they stayed with the play! Math Matthews Fractions held their attention and kept them working to solve each new adventure to enable them to level up. The hallmarks of the game include twelve different levels to conquer which cover twelve different concepts all relating to fractions in varied forms. The app incorporates mathematical topics in direct correlation to math standards, students will learn that fractions are the quantity or part, formed when a whole is divided into equal parts. They will also learn that fractions have numerous ways of being constructed and can be represented as areas, quantities, or placed on a number line. The concepts become more and more difficult as students level up into more difficult playing fields. download-7Math Mathews Fractions has given Kiupe the opportunity to collaborate with researchers from theMarc Jeannerod Institute of Cognitive Sciences. It follows the introduction game: Math Matthews: Mental Math can be viewed here, and the outstanding app for practicing multiplication facts Math Matthews Multiplication here. Math Mathews Fractions is available in 15 languages: English, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish languages. Wish List: For those students that struggle with reading it would be beneficial if they were able to have the option to have the text read aloud to them.
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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this post on how to add add subtract fractions. You have explained it in a very detailed manner. I have been searching reading a lot of ways to add and subtract fractions and encountered only two ways. First is you used the LCM. This is best for smaller fractions. The other is to use butterfly method where you have to cross multiply the fractions. This method is best for bigger fractions and those that has no LCM. Again thanks for sharing for this valuable information.