Math With Gummii!

The Gummii app suite by Gummii Inc. was designed specifically for classroom teachers. The suite includes Gummii: Add!, Gummii: Multiply!, and Gummii: 3D!. Each app allows for multiple users—a benefit for teachers low on tablets.  Additionally, Add! and Multiply! use algorithms to find the ideal level for each user.  Beginning with simple addition and multiplication problems, high achieving students are soon challenged with more difficult problems while struggling children are given more time to master the basic facts. All three apps sync together forming a conglomerate of mathematical greatness. 

gummi addGummii: Add! includes a variety of problem types.  Sometimes the sum is the first number with the addends at the end of the number sentence.  Other times one added is missing and must be filled in.  Sometimes levels include objects to manipulate while others do not.  Two levels ask students to add and subtract base 10 blocks.  While the last two levels ask students to practice math fluency through flashcard-like activities. Embedded in the app are tools to help solve difficult problems — an interactive number line and a hand. The fingers on the hand can be raised or lowered to help students count on and back. For many children, repetition is the key to understanding.  Gummii: Add! makes this repetition enjoyable.

Gummii: Multiply!, formatted like Add! begins with a series of multiplication problems that serve as a brief pre-test.  The number of correctly answered problems determines the problem set in which students begin. Each level of Multiply! focuses not only on basic facts but also on multiplication concepts such as repeated addition and arrays.  The embedded help tool, called building blocks allows students to solve challenging problems by building arrays.

Students LOVE the unique incentives accumulated in both Add! and Multiply!. Corrgummiiect answers are rewarded with bones and bolts. Bolts are given for each correct answer while bones are awarded for each level completed.  What do you do with these?  You use them to purchase pieces for a game reminiscent of Minecraft in Gummii: 3D!.  Syncing to both Add! and Multiply!, 3D! makes redeeming your rewards exceptionally easy.  If you create an account in one app, the account and accumulated points transfer to all the others.  Once in Gummii: 3D! students complete missions and purchase building blocks.  Building blocks can be used to make creations of the child’s choosing this nurturing creativity.   When students use up all their bolts and bones, they can go back to Add! or Multiply! thus encouraging voluntary math practice. 

These apps are developmentally appropriate, engaging, and educational.  As a result, they stand out as a bright ray of the sunshine in a swirling storm of gray ho-hum math apps.

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