MathLab for Kindergarten

mk-iconMathLab for Kindergarten by Mark’s Mobile is another all-star app designed to address the needs of preschool and kindergarten children in an engaging and fun gameplay format. There isn’t much not to like about this clean, simple, and straightforward app. My favorite component is that there is very little down time for students as the app is adaptable to naturally have a quick pace but can easily give the child “wait time” to process a concept if needed. The app comes in four different languages: English, Spanish, French, and German. There are seventeen different math labs encompassing a wide variety of foundational skills served up in a fast stride and assorted manner. IMG_0339 IMG_0340 IMG_0350IMG_0351An extensive curriculum is covered here from simple to more complex patterning, comparing sizes, shapes, length, and a number of sides of an object, counting, categorization, and even a challenge of reversals and look alikes are given along with numbers. Example: eight hearts are shown, is it 8 or B or numbers are reversed, upside down or similar numbers are used, such as 6 & 9. This visual processing skill is often overlooked and both number and letter reversals can be a major stumbling block for many kids making math and reading much more difficult. Yes, this app has it all – except children in this developmental stage are not readers yet and although the kids we worked with were able to do most of the tasks given without verbal reinforcement I would rather have an auditory component added to make this app even better. If the child heard the word red, saw it written and had to choose the appropriate object the learning would increase exponentially. TWA corresponded with the developer, he is a stay at home dad with a full plate and has all intentions of adding voice to the app, hopefully for the next update. mk This app has been developed to cover the Canadian Math Curriculum but would be a natural resource for any young child. MathLab for Kindergarten is designed with a simple objective – making math easier and fun for kids!
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