Meal Monsters

App Icon Meal Monsters Meal Monsters by Meal Monsters Ltd is a refreshing app that blends gaming, storytelling, and healthy recipes to encourage children to cook and eat wholesome meals. Their mission, is a vital one, to make young children more aware of what they are eating as well as where their food comes from. TWA first came into contact with this app during their Kickstarter Campaign, our E.A.T. group had a few suggestions and the developers listened! Meal Monsters was started as a result of a general observation that young mothers and teenagers seem to have lost the life skill of cooking. The emphasis is on cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients and Meal Monsters helps explain why this option is so much better for our well being than choosing processed foods. What a much-needed lesson this is in today's world of convenience fare! The app is set on Yum, a make-believe green planet where the charming characters Sal, Gor, and Pom grow their own vegetables and stir up recipes to cook for their families and friends. They then ride their radish rockets to earth and can be found inside refrigerators ready to help out with your kids cooking. Children will need their parents or caregivers to get the most out of this app. The notion of encouraging a nutritious learning experience to be shared with family members or schoolmates makes for a perfect opportunity to combine screentime with real-life meaningful follow up activities.   We suggest watching the "Planet Yum" Movie together first and then exploring the other options such as the Family Album where kids can learn more about each character which will enrich the overall app experience. From there explore recipes which include nutritional information, food facts, servings, and both prep and cook times. Three interactive recipes: Banana Berry Blast, Spotty Peas, and Dippy Chicken Dippers are offered for free. Parents can make an in-app purchase to unlock the remaining recipes. FEATURES: 8 Healthy Recipes Monster Match – A memory game! Recognise and learn what different fruits and vegetables are called Make a Monsie – add your face to one of our monster templates to make a Monster Selfie. We call this a Monsie Voice Over, Special effect sounds, music Buy Cool Stuff - Password-protected purchases for additional recipes with a parents-only section TWA Wish List: A shopping list for the ingredients for each recipe would be helpful and give the parent and child an opportunity to go to the store and discuss healthy choices. TWA would like to see more gaming added where the child is able to drive both guided and free play. MEal Monster Photo  
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