Meal Monsters – Kickstarter Campaign

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We would like to introduce you to the Meal Monsters - Kickstarter Campaign and ask you to get involved in their Crusade! Please say Hello to Sal, Gor, and Pom. The Meal Monsters live far far away, on Planet Yum. They fly to Planet Earth on their Radish Rocket.

The Meal Monsters - Kickstarter Campaign needs your HELP!

Along with Sal, Gor, and Pom, we believe that children should learn about food and ingredients from an early age. We want them to understand how their lunch is made and what actually goes into their dinner. The app can be played as a game or read as a story by the kids themselves as they join the Meal Monsters on their cooking adventures. Meal Monsters is an interactive and exciting recipe app to involve kids in making healthy food choices. Parents feel free to join in! Watch their video to see what they get up to on Planet Yum! Meal Monsters is an animated educational app that combines recipes, games, and storytelling to encourage kids to cook and eat healthy meals. Kids and their parents can make the meals in real life which is a great bonding experience. That’s why we have created The Meal Monsters, an exciting interactive recipe app to encourage children to make healthy food choices. We want them to learn about ingredients, kitchenware, nutrition, and cooking, all of which will help them build knowledge for a healthy future. And help them help families with their KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN HERE: Meal Monster Flyer KS Print HR

Join them on their adventures as you download the Meal Monsters App today! Beautifully illustrated and animated, the captivating characters carry us into a wonderfully imagined world of their own as we fly with them from Planet Yum. Help us bring the Meal Monsters into your kitchen! Our Kickstarter Campaign runs from May 8th to June 6th, 2017.



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