Meet the Insects: Village Edition – Book App

  mzl.znrfiatf.175x175-75Meet the Insects: Village Edition, by NCSOFT, is the second in their series of insect apps. The first edition is "Meet the Insects: Forest Edition". You need to experience this app first hand to appreciate how high the bar has been raised, by the developers at NCSOFT, for visuals. This interactive book contains 30 insects commonly found around Asian village settings and invites you to explore insects such as cicadas, ladybugs, grasshoppers and flies. Meet the Insects is easy to navigate and exploration comes in several different forms, which includes ample exposure to text.  Coming from the National Science Museum of Korea, it has professionally narrated audio and engaging multimedia. It is perfect for little explorers who love bugs, as they can learn extensively about different insect species. The app has 4 basic areas to help you become an insect expert, an observation journal is included for recording observations, taking notes and sketching (perfect for the classroom), insect stories, seeing insects up close and a quiz section. mzl.onsfnfzz.480x480-75

+ Tips to become an insect expert:

1. Take a listen to all the audio-narrated insect descriptions and video commentaries! 2. While switching back and forth between day and night mode, touch and tap all the insects near the village to watch them wiggle. 3. Cicadas? Files? Ladybugs? Grasshoppers? Choose your favorite insects and meet them through close-up videos and mind-blowing photos. 4. How do grasshoppers and cicadas produce sounds? Watch and interact with the animation as it takes you into the world of insects. 5. Why do flies keep rubbing their legs? Get ready to dive into a handful of interesting facts of each insect with eye-catching illustrations. 6. If you think you are done with the encyclopedia, it’s time for the OX and Photo quiz! 7. Once you find an insect around your house to start the observation journal, you are now the real insect expert! mzl.uyjhnxad.480x480-75  
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