Mental Exercise with Pegs by White Pixels

pegs Pegs by White Pixels is a new and recently updated critical thinking game based on the mathematical underpinnings of the classic puzzle peg solitaire. It’s all about problem-solving. Experimentation. Where to start. What to avoid. Choosing appropriate subgoals. Kids have at it. Make some mistakes. Go back. Try again. It’s all good. Designed for LEARNING Pegs is designed to help kids discover ways to solve the increasingly difficult puzzles. It starts out easy. Color and shape are used to distinguish the all-important odd/even peg positions. Hints are provided after a few retries on the tougher levels. Warnings pop up when pegs that will be needed later are removed. And of course, the early levels include patterns that appear as part of the harder puzzles. Designed for FUN Pegs is safe and non-violent. Lively animations add to the fun. Gold stars are awarded after each level. Easier levels get one star, harder levels up to ten stars. The stars spin wildly into place and occasionally include playful surprises. Designed for the CLASSROOM Pegs can easily be reset to the first level. Students can swipe between the levels, allowing them to resume play on any device without having to redo the early levels. Pegs is just $.99 with no ads and no in-app purchases. There are no links to outside content, and an internet connection isn’t needed. Educational discounts are available. Pegs was designed with special needs kids in mind. The pegs are distinguished by both shape and color, so color blindness is never an issue. Reading level doesn’t matter. There’s no timing involved, so kids on the autism spectrum can proceed at their own pace. Game play and controls only require tapping, so kids with mobility impairments will have an easier time. And there’s always “Go Back” and “Try Again”, so everyone can easily recover from any mistakes. It’s all good. SwipeOniPhone    
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