Millie’s Bath Battle

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Millie's Bath Battle has been released just in time for Back to School ~ with a recently UPDATED educators guide that has addendums written by experts for Remote Learning due to the Pandemic! Read more about the developers from Megapops HERE.

Designed to be so silly and fun with Millie's Bath Battle kids won’t realize they’re learning and is a great find for any parent looking for smart screen time for kids spending long hours at in front of the screen.

The apps are for kids 4+ and are all a toy-storybook hybrids that utilize humor, fun, and play to teach essential skills like reading, critical thinking, empathy, and creativity. Also, each Millie’s Bath Battle download includes a 50+ page Learning Guide filled with fun Millie activities designed with educational experts—perfect for families at home right now. 



Millie’s apps have been around for almost a decade and used in thousands of schools by teachers, Speech-Language Pathologists, and other educators—many of whom even made their own extension materials to use along with the apps. So this year, Jen and Randy from Megapops teamed up with the experts here at Teachers With Apps to build an official Learning Guide.

 This guide includes fun, Core-aligned activities, and focuses on real-world skills, including instructions to make your own Millie Origami, create a sensory Stink Lab, play Doggy Charades, and more. There is a special emphasis on social and emotional learning as we all know that this is paramount due to our confined circumstances. The guide also includes special instructions to assist teachers with Remote Learning and modified activities for parents to implement at home. 


Millie’s Bath Battle is brilliant, love how it teaches essential skills through the storybook/game app format and the integration of adorable and engaging animation. Brad Waid - International EdTech Expert & Speaker

Millie's Bath Battle is perfectly suited for addressing educational goals such as expressive and receptive language, problem-solving, critical thinking, sequencing, vocabulary, and more. Helen H. Wagner - M.S., CCC-SLP

Millie's Bath Battle draws kids in with a delightful story and keep them engaged with fresh, interactive elements along the way. The kids and I couldn't wait to turn the page to see what came next! Craig Schatten - Educational Director, NYC

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