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Gozoa PLAY & LEARN MATH is a great math facts choice for children who need math practice and love paper doll dress-up activities. Students start with money in their piggy bank which they can use to purchase clothing and accessories for Gozoa, a sweet animated creature, his colorful friends or the villain. Students can take pictures of Gozoa in different backgrounds and include themselves in the photo. When children run out of money, they need to answer math facts, in addition, subtraction or multiplication to refill their piggy bank so they can go shopping again. The screen with the math problems is easy to read with no timer and scrolling number line to tap for the correct answer. Students earn more coins for solving more difficult problems, but the student chooses the level and the parent cannot pre-set levels, so parents will need to monitor to ensure the student is learning and playing at the appropriate level. When students answer incorrectly they can guess again but receive fewer coins for the correct answer. Unfortunately, there are no hints and no help, and students must either keep guessing or quit if they do not know the correct answer. For children who love paper dolls, this can be a wonderful choice to keep them interested.
matematik01 matematik02 PROS
  • The math facts are well integrated into the app theme and students will enjoy playing this app.
  • The screen has one problem per page, large numbers, and no timer, making this a comfortable choice for all students.
  • The ability to take photos within the app is a great extra feature.
  • Parents cannot preset the operation or the level of difficulty.
  • Parents cannot monitor a child's progress or answers.
  • After several incorrect answers, the correct answer is not shown; a student must keep guessing which will limit retention.
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