Mindprint – Expert Review of TeleStory by Launchpad Toys


Mindprint Expert Review

mzl.liowcynb TeleStory by Launchpad Toys is a wonderfully engaging app to facilitate students' interest in storytelling while increasing their comfort speaking. The app has excellent graphics that enable students to create their own story using themes of interest including a music band, superheroes, spy thriller, or a newscast including sports and weather. Students incorporate their own photos which they overlay with cute graphics such as mustaches, hair, and glasses. Next, they pick from different plotlines and backgrounds and record the first part of the story. Once they replay the recording and are satisfied, they record subsequent details of the storyline until they have a full story. When they finish, they can save their stories, share them, and edit them at any time. The instructions are simple and easy to follow, though they might require parental support for younger users to read the different choices and explain unfamiliar vocabulary. Overall, a fantastic app that fosters creativity and storytelling that students will enjoy. APPPHOTO-TeleStory
  • Uses excellent graphics and themes that appeal to students with a wide variety of interests.
  • Encourages students to tell a logical, sequential story with no writing required.
  • Enables students to practice speaking, as they can edit and re-record as much as they would like.
  • Younger students might need help getting started using the app for the first movie.
  • Younger students might need help with reading some of the story options and a few of the vocabulary words.
  • Students could be slightly impatient with the delay between screen changes.
imgres-9Mindprint is an educational company that facilitates student success through an in-depth understanding of learning strengths and needs. The company offers the only online valid self-administered cognitive assessment which was developed in the Brain Behavior Lab at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.
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