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NEWteacherwithappsJust one look at MiniMod Reading for Details, by eSkills Learning, and we were convinced that this app was made by someone in the know! Just visit their website, professionals with experience put this company together.  "Mastering Essential Skills is the foundation for success in learning. Essential (basic) skills are necessary if students are to apply classroom learning to real-world solutions. e Skills Learning materials allow learning equity among students as classroom curriculum rev up rigor and relevance. Students will participate in application and synthesis of skills even while developing those skills to levels of automaticity." We had kids of all ages, circumstances, and backgrounds test this app out and we saw delighted child after delighted child! As soon as the first passage appeared, with a very familiar photograph or a picture of something brand new, the kids were hooked! All of the testers dove right into reading as they were overcome with curiosity.  This is a great way to teach and improve a child's reading comprehension.
Not only is this FUN and extremely beneficial for teaching the specific skill of reading for detail, it is enormously educational as far as all the background information gained. Did you know that the first credit card was not introduced until 1958? Or, that Bayer Aspirin began with experimentation from substances from the willow tree? There are 100 passages, each one as fascinating as the next. The length of each passage is just right, the questions are varied and incorporate the 5 w's:  who, what, why, when, and where. Click HERE to read an interview with Bruce Brown of e Skills Learning. This game is just the tip of the iceberg.  This company has a whole suite of learning games focusing on different subjects and they have plans to keep adding more. There may not be any bells or whistles here, but there is lots of learning going on! We did suggest to the developer that they may want to add just a bit of positive reinforcement through the use of audio and they were receptive to this suggestion. Coming Soon More great learning products that e Skills Learning is currently working on for their MiniMod™ line: Decimals Inferences For those of you who want the breakdown for MiniMod Reading for Details app read on:
Practice Level A student will read an engaging story (approximately 100 words) about an inventor and his/her invention.  The student will be asked a reading for detail question (who, what, why, when, where) and will be given 3 answer choices. An incorrect response allows the student to read the passage again and select a different answer.
Single Player The student plays a bingo-like game against the computer. Answering a reading for detail question correctly allows the student to place a marker on the game card. 5 markers in a pattern wins the game.
Multi Player The student plays a bingo-like game against another student. The first student to fill his/her game card with 5 markers in a pattern wins the game.
Levels of Difficulty
Red Level Reading Levels 2.0 to 3.5
Blue Level Reading Levels 3.5 to 5.0
Green Level Reading Levels 5.0 to 6.5
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