Mobile Learning Experience 2015

unnamedOn June 2015, there was the Mobile Learning Experience 2015 Conference in Tucson, Arizona. The conference speeches, presentations, sessions raised the same burning questions that developers, educators, teachers, parents discuss at home, school, on FB pages, twitter, conferences & meetings: how to use technology to support learning in a classroom, how to organize the best way to teach, how to utilize mobile devices, what applications to use. In general, it was a discussion about an evolution of education & where the education process is headed with current & future mobile technology. The conference brought together those “who want to leverage any technology at hand to improve, enrich, and extend learning”. MobileLearning_3 The following topics were discussed:
  • Web-based tools, Chromebooks + laptops, iPhone, iPod touch + iPad,
  • Bring Your Own Technology, Mobile phones, Classroom management,
  • One-to-one learning environments, Personalized learning, Collaborative learning, Project-based learning, Inquiry learning,
  • Research about mobile learning,
  • Assistive technology, Science, math, and language,
  • Higher order thinking.
When Katherine Page Burdick, who was the Featured Speaker, invited our company Bel Math Apps to be a sponsor, we immediately agreed. Among the sponsors also were A-Maze-ing Sentences, Crab Hill Press, Dab Russell-Pinson, Explain Everything, Mobile Montessori, Stick Around, and PKCLsoft. There were about 300 attendees & more than 30 speakers, and 70+ scheduled events. I have looked through all conference speeches & sessions and would like to share with the mobile education community the info about presentations & meetings, which I’ve found both interesting & stimulating as a developer & as an educator. Here is the link to the whole list of events. Also, I put my best effort into creating the list of all mobile applications that I was able to discover through the search process (see Addendum). Below is the list:
  1. Don’t conform, create” & “Our district journey to change pedagogy” presented Jon Samuelson, Innovation Strategist, Beaverton School District, Portland, OR.
Jon described how the third largest school district in Oregon is “moving a large school district of forty thousand students to a 1:1 model”, how to share resources even if there is only one iPad in the classroom. Jon also presented some apps for integrating into a classroom.
  1.  “Coding as Easy as 1, 2, 3” presented by Katherine Page Burdick, Page by Page LLC & Jenny Ashby, teacher, Epsom Primary School, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
The session participants learn how to code for iPad using iPad/iPhone app Bee-Bot, which “enables children to improve their skills in directional language and programming through sequences of forwards, backward, left and right 90-degree turn”. Also, the following apps to teach kids the basics of programming were discussed: Hopscotch, Cargo-Bot, Daisy the Dinosaur and Pyonkee. (more info about these apps could be found at
  1. Planning for Successpresented by Nancy Pratt, Director of Instructional Technology, Cave Creek Unified School District, Arizona. Her session teaches how to use technology to support learning in a classroom. The iPad Applications such as Educreations, Chatterpix, Pic Collage; Shadow Puppet, ThingLink help to create a video, add voice, organize a presentation, produce personal video lessons.
  1. What would your verse be? Digital Storytelling Using iPads & iMovie” presented by  Robyn Griffith, Technology Trainer, Creighton School District Phoenix, AZ & Suzanne Sallee. Instructional Technology Specialist and Coach, Creighton School District Phoenix, AZ.
Develop an understanding of digital storytelling and its connection to student mastery of Common Core Standards in reading, writing, and listening and speaking with examples of digital stories created using iMovie trailers on iPads.
  1. “The thirteenth labor of Hercules: Starting the 1:1 initiative” presented by Holly Batsell Assistant Principal, Mountain Ridge High School, Brad Brazell Assistant Principal - O'Connor High School, John Devenney eSchool program, Cindy Carraway ELA Teacher O'Connor High School. All 4 from Deer Valley Unified School District, AZ
“There are strategies from two administrators and three teachers in the technology trenches of two comprehensive public high schools implementing 1:1 iPad initiatives. Presenters will share their experiences—heroic and tragic…”
  1. Kristin Cardin & Brenda Diane Nelson: both are elementary school teachers from Cave Creek Unified School District, AZ, present:
6.a “Primary Classroom Magic”: Using iPads to meet the Rigors of ELA/CCS In this session it is explored “how to utilize iPads in an effort to integrate English Language Arts Common Core Standards”, using iPads and age-appropriate apps. 6.b “Creative Applications to enhance the Primary Science & Social Studies Classroom.” “Put iPads in the hands of young children”: the session with a focus on Kindergarten to 2nd grade English Language Arts CCSS. List of utilized iPad apps: ChatterPix, Skitch, PicCollage, Hello Crayon, Shadow Puppet, DoodleBuddy, Shutterfly Photo Story, and Haiku deck.
  1. “iPad Books & Videos” presented by Wesley Fryer Grade 4-5 STEM teacher; Yukon Public Schools & Shelly Fryer
Session participants learned how to help students create enhanced book reports using a variety of apps. 8 recommended apps: i-Nigma (free), QR Beamer (free – iPhone app), Instashare (free), iBooks (free), Voice Recorder Pro (free), Book Creator (VPP discount is available), iMovie (free with new iPads), YouTube Capture (free)
  1. Give Clickers the Boot with Kahoot” presented by John Kain, Instructional Technology Coordinator, Phoenix Elementary School District #1, AZ. Kahoot ( is an online classroom-response system that eliminates the need for teachers to give students hand-held “clickers.” The teacher creates online quizzes or surveys and projects a computer image on a big screen. Students respond to the quiz items on any Internet-connected device.
  1. Widgets & Bring Interactivity to the Classroom”, presented by Bart Buckinx, Managing Partner, BookWidgets
BookWidgets is an app that empowers teachers to create and distribute interactive exercises for iPad in minutes.
  1. “How to be in 2 places at once”, presented by Rodney Turner, a Technology Integration Specialist in the Glendale Elementary School District #40. If you are on social media, i.e., Twitter, Facebook, G+, Instagram. Rodney Turner offers a plan how to balance all of it (
  1. “Mobile Digital Publishing”, presented by Bryan Smith, Library Media Specialist, PVUSD & a teacher, who currently teaches Video Production at Mountain Trail Middle School, Paradise Valley Unified School District, Phoenix, AZ.
Discussion how information should be shared, managed and organized.
  1. One more thing”, presented by Adam Scott Bellow, Founder, eduTecher/eduClipper
He offers the vision about  “how far we have come and where we are headed with our mobile technology. This session will look at the evolution of education, culture, design, and ways we have and can further influence all three with our increasingly amazing mobile technology.” MobileLearning_2 Addendum: Links to mobile apps mentioned in the abstract:
2. Educreations
3. Chatterpix
4. Pic Collage
5. Shadow Puppet
6. ThingLink
7. Skitch
8. Hello Crayons
9. Doodle Buddy
10. Haiku deck
11. i-Nigma
12. QR Beamer
13. Instashare
14. iBooks
15. Voice Recorder Pro
16. Book Creator
17. iMovie
18. YouTube Capture
19. BookWidgets
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