Mobo Hide and Seek

Mobo Hidemobo-hide-and-seek and Seek by Mobo Kids is an adorable first app for any toddler. The gameplay is simple and relaxed with delightful surprises as new animals emerge throughout the house. While traversing the different rooms and going up and down the stairs, kids are exposed to all sorts of happy ventures - the printer prints out the A, B, C's, the hats fly onto the heads of the various animals, and there is a surprise around every corner. This is an app that not only fosters curiosity but demonstrates cause and effect for children.  
  The music is just darling with a soothing kind of frenzy! The subtle arrows encourage kids to move about the house, they are in control and can go back and forth as well as up and down. inside or out. Want to ride a skateboard? Maybe eat an apple, plenty to keep the youngest child occupied for quite some time. As the games within the game happens toddlers are exposed to many different animals, as well as colors, numbers, letters, and shapes. This is the perfect app to jump in and play with your child as there are ample opportunities to use prior knowledge and expand vocabulary, practice speech, and make predictions. Play provides opportunities for exploration, physical development, gross and fine motor skills as well as fostering creativity. This app is developmentally appropriate for the youngest population to explore in a safe environment with giggles and wonderment.
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