Modern Learning Tools for Students: Using Tech to Boost Your Brain Power


Modern Learning Tools for Students: Using Tech to Boost Your Brain Power

Modern students are learning in a more hi-tech environment compared to their predecessors and having this technology at your fingertips could help boost your learning power and your grades.

Help with handwritten notes

Despite the fact that every classroom is now much more of a hi-tech environment than ever before, there is still plenty of anecdotal evidence that supports the idea that taking handwritten notes is conducive to retaining more information.

The point about this observation is that you can combine the old with the new to improve the level in which you manage to retain the information that you are learning.

You could use a Livescribe smartpen for example, to record written notes and recorded audio which you can then refer back to when you are revising.

Backing up your written notes and transposing them onto your computer gives you the opportunity to then print out these notes and create a very powerful revision guide that could prove invaluable when the time comes.

Make sure you stock up on your HP ink cartridges or whichever brand you are using, as you don’t want the frustration of not being able to print your notes when you need them.

Make the most of your mobile

If you are a student, there is a good chance that your mobile is not going to be very far away from you most of the time, and there are apps beyond social media sites which can help you improve your learning.

It is always worth regularly checking the various online app stores to check what apps are available to help you with your studies.

Two apps worth considering amongst others are Evernote and the iPhone app called IStudies Pro which is designed to help you keep track of class information and prompt you with reminders about important deadlines that you can’t afford to miss.

iPhone users have also been taking up Apple Notes as an alternative to Evernote, so take a look around and ask others what they are using, to see whether you can use an app on your phone to boost your learning.

Help with reading and writing

You can use a variety of differently available gadgets to help you with tasks like proofreading and take advantage of speech recognition apps for help with topics and ideas.

Tools like Speak Tool are readily available as a built-in feature on many computers and this can help you to proofread your work. You can also use text-to-speech software like the free version of NaturalReader or Balabolka which have features like reading out loud selected text and can even convert your text to a mp3 audio file, so you can listen to your typed notes.

If you use an E-Type, this is word prediction software that can help you with your writing and another app called FreeMind is a brainstorming software that suggests topics and ideas help you with projects.

When you start to look around it soon becomes abundantly clear that there are many modern learning tools available which could allow you to be more organized and boost your grades.

John Sollars started in 2002, a printer cartridge supplier in the UK. He knows a thing or two about printing and he enjoys sharing his ideas and insights online through blogging.

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