Moji Moji: Learn the Alphabet

1200x630bbMoji Moji: Learn the Alphabet by Gakko Digital Learning is the new kid on the block, bringing smart screen time for early-literacy learners on the iPad (ages 3-5). The app is engaging with real kid appeal as it's set in a stunning setting with delightful characters with engaging gameful play. Don't let that fool you there is lots of invaluable learning going on getting youngsters on the road to reading. Moji Moji has taken the multi-modality approach incorporating auditory, visual, tactile, and kinesthetic strategies for introducing the fundamentals of reading readiness. The focus on the alphabetic principle and understanding that letters have visual as well as auditory features is key. The digital devices are tools and if used properly they can make an enormous difference in a youngsters readiness for school.

Moji Moji: Learn the Alphabet has also provided a parent's comprehensive dashboard that helps in tracking a child's progress. As well as providing three levels of difficulty: easy, medium, and hard in both tracing and spelling.

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What TWA loved right from the start is the simple timer setting to choose how long a child's play session will last. We are all about smart screentime and the sooner we all get in the habit of being cognizant about what content and how long a child is spending on a particular activity the better off we will all be. The graphics are gorgeous and we found that children were drawn to the app and stayed engaged! The attention to visuals is exemplary in style, color, and age appropriateness.

Wish List: would like to see the giraffe switched out for another animal like a goat as the G in giraffe makes the J sound which is not usually taught when learning initial consonant sounds.

KEY FEATURES - Designed in collaboration with parents, teachers, and educators - Hand-crafted by award-winning animators and artists to be unique and playful - Six immersive worlds to explore - Learn and practice tracing the letters of the alphabet - Learn the alphabetic principle - Learn word association by spelling the names of the Moji Moji characters - Manage screen time by setting play duration - See how your child is engaging with the app and what worlds are their favorite in Parent Mode - Play without an Internet connection after downloading - No in-app purchases, hidden costs or ads

Gakko—meaning “school” in Japanese—was founded as an innovative, inclusive, international summer camp in 2011 by entrepreneur Kenta Koga (Yale ‘14). Since then it has grown into camps and afterschool programs located all around the world and soon they plan on launching a suite of digital learning tools in several languages.


Developed in partnership with parents, teachers, and award-winning animators from around the world, Moji Moji teaches young learners the fundamentals of reading through creativity, wonder, and joy. Our research led us to discover that families had trouble finding tools that brought a sense of meaning and delight to their children's digital learning experience. The result is an app that translates feedback from the education community into a rich, immersive world for young learners to explore.

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