Monkeys In My Head

  Monkeys in My Head, developed by Paperplaneco, is an original and eccentric interactive storybook for the  iPad about a little girl and the imaginary monkeys that reside in her head. Having the phrase "Shut-up," on the very first page was enough to give anyone involved with education a somewhat uneasy feeling about this app. However, the giggles and sparkling eyes when shared with children made it easy enough to overlook. All of the monkeys have ridiculously funny names and the visuals and interactivity are just simply off-beat and unusual.  The little girl has a Wednesday from the Adams Family feel, and the music evokes that era making this an endearing yet mysterious story.   ★ Playful interactions on every page to really bring the story to life ★ “Read aloud” and have Pirouette narrate the story to you ★ Beautiful, unique illustrated artwork ★ Modern music mash-up ★ Delightful voiceover, music and sound effects to immerse you in the storytelling ★ Storyboard view to for quick page navigation ★ A Happy Ending!” ...And then there is the storyline and the moral to the story! The quote at the end of the credits, by William Gibson, "Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, surrounded by idiots",  seems to sum it all up. Funny, poignant and triumphant in equal measure, it is a coming-of-age, thought-provoking tale that will educate children and adults alike on how to deal with the bullying voices that live in all of us.  EXPERI-MENTORS At Paperplane we are perpetual tinkerers, calculated risk takers and developers of products as well as people. Our culture is one of mutual learning and sharing - top down, side to side, round and round. Although recommended for children ages 4 years and upwards, we think this book app would find a place on any child's digital bookshelf, whatever the age may be. In many ways, it has aspects that would be more appropriate for slightly older kids.  
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