Monster Math – Free Fun Game for Grades 2-5

  unnamed-1Monster Math – Free Fun Game for Grades 2-5 by Makkajai Edu Tech Private Limited, is designed to practice early math facts and help kids easily assimilate the learning of both addition/subtraction and multiplication/division through use in a gaming format. It includes both addition and subtraction without carrying over or borrowing, and multiplication/division of single-digit numbers. It meets common core standards and will appeal to a certain demographic of kids that may have older siblings, who play console games and are hard to engage in more traditional rote styles of learning or play.   Monster Math  

Game play centers on helping our monster hero Maxx defeat the monsters who have taken his friend Dextra away from him. He is on a mission to save her, and defeat the Troggles and Minions sent to foil him. There are two levels or worlds to play in, with a promise of a third…the first is the land of Monsters, and the second is in the land of Magic.


The game itself has what is called “Adaptive Logic” that helps to give kids “just the right challenge”, and will adapt itself automatically depending on a child’s performance. There is cartoonish like violence where Maxx defeats an enemy with his hammer or other weapons as well as when he is overcome by the Powers of the Troggles or Minions. To defeat them, Maxx must solve a number of math problems as is foretold by the helpful wizard. Each math problem is illustrated on a candy…and you have to collect candies by solving these mathematical problems. Candy builds Maxx’s strength to defeat the bad guys holding Dextra hostage. There is a timer, but if you fail to find enough candies, the play is extended by more rounds. The game is very forgiving and just right for kids that are newly learning math facts and trying to learn how to play games like the older kids. Sounds easy, Eh? Well, those pesky Troggles and Minions are constantly in the way and keep changing the problems wherever they go. You really need to keep scanning to maximize your points as who knows where the beasties will put out a new problem to solve or steal away your chance for a candy? If they get to you…you are back on top of the hill, and coming down the equation runs again. This kind of programming really enlivens play and keeps kids ready and alert.


Keep on solving those problems to get points! I like how you have to visually scan and navigate up, down, right and left to access the answer for the targeted number. It challenges your base knowledge, as well as gives you a focused goal to achieve. Once you’ve defeated an enemy, they are exiled to an island. Soon enough you will battle the big boss himself. But wait….there is another land....and it starts anew, this time with harder problems. Nice that there is a scaffold, increasing demands once competencies have been established.


Music can be turned off in the settings, as all directions are written and meant to be read. I did find it hard at times to read some of the directions as the punctuation was inconsistent especially when the wizard, Faunglad was talking. He talks in rhyme or riddles, and I had to reread the directions a few times to get the rest of his directions. This could easily be fixed in an update.

The graphics are cartoon like and game play is straightforward. One feature that is truly great, is that you can have multiple players, and there is a good skill summary available for each child describing their strengths and weaknesses. On my wish list, would also be the chance to revisit a foe or to work on a specific skill set. The game is available as a Freemium, so why not check it out before you buy?

  About the Author Picture - JoJo Booth has been an Occupational Therapist for over 30 years and currently works in Pediatrics with early intervention. She sees kids newly diagnosed on the spectrum as well as medically fragile kids. She loves to move, explore and play every day; so that "her kids" grow up to be healthy independent learners.
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