Motivate Students with Learnathon!

It is often observed that children begin life as naturally enthusiastic, motivated learners. However, maintaining this engagement can be a challenge. There are many ways to motivate learners but there is perhaps nothing more motivational for children than having their efforts noticed and rewarded. Children often perform best when they have an audience. What parent or teacher can forget the charming shows and song and dance routines performed for their approval? And what performer doesn’t relish that well-deserved round of applause for their efforts? banner b Skoolbo’s new challenge, ‘Learnathon’, provides a unique opportunity for parents to both recognize the efforts and achievements of their child and make a direct positive contribution to the learning resources available to them. By pledging their support through a dedicated child fundraising page, they can inspire their child to answer 1,000 math and literacy questions. Children can even learn a new language as part of the challenge! And it is not only parents who can give their support. What better way to get that audience than by involving friends and family in raising funds for the classroom? What does this mean for teachers?
  • increased learner engagement
  • improved educational outcomes
  • exciting classroom resources and lesson plans
partners-1 There is no administration for teachers and all donations are handled safely via Skoolbo. 100% of funds raised are given back to the class teacher as a credit to spend. About Skoolbo   Invented by a former teacher, Shane Hill, Skoolbo is a free math, literacy and languages app used in over 51,500 schools worldwide. 94 b This exciting, interactive, 3D game deploys learning sprint methodology designed to build rapid automaticity of foundational skills and maximum student engagement. Children instantly know if they are on the right track and support is given to them precisely at the most teachable moments. Skoolbo works on any device, online and offline and via a web browser. Skoolbo fun free fantastic   register
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