Multiply Pizza Pie by Fizzbrain

MultiplyPizzaPieIcon_225x225Multiply Pizza Pie by Fizzbrain is a grand way to get slightly older children practicing their multiplication facts by cooking up everything from pizza pies to sushi! They not only prepare the food by following the order, but they also must bill the customer the correct amount. This means writing out the check using a number sentence and getting all the details correct. This makes for a lot of learning going on here and it keeps the kids on their toes! Ten restaurants in all: Italian, Japanese, Mexican, American, Chinese, French, Indian, Ethiopian, Polish and Funky Fusion - filled with spaghetti, bento boxes, kielbasas, injeras, basmati rice, shrimp shao mai, tostadas, tuna sushi, falafel, bowls of pozole, hummus, pancakes, waffles, and much more! Children can decorate their restaurants with hundreds of fun furnishings. What makes this app so exciting for the kids is the interactivity of preparing the wide variety of food, the tallying of money spent and the ability to purchase items to decorate their very own restaurant in any way they want! So many choices and options are given after each multiplication problem is solved. student pic w:fizzbrainFor the teacher, the settings can be adapted for each user and the problems can be adjusted from easy to more difficult. The app tracks student use and reports can be shared via email. A built-in tutorial teaches children multiples strategies and this is reinforced after the multiplication problem is solved as the chefs serve the meals they count by the multiples represented on the plates of food. Teachers or students can set the app to any practical number in any order to try out these strategies. Why is the approach of Multiply Pizza Pie valuable for math learners? It's critical for children to master math facts with fluency. But we also know that rote memorization of facts and the stress of timed testing is unhelpful for many children. How do we help children master facts without anxiety, in a way that builds strong number sense? Have children play this game regularly! Multiply Pizza Pie is an especially appealing game that helps children strengthen fluency and understand their math facts, which can lead to mastery. One very strong feature that this app has is the ability to draw kids into the game and it keeps kids coming back so that they can unlock all of the different cuisines. YouTube Preview Image
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