Mussila ~ Fun Play & Fast Learning

Mussila_MMA_appicon Mussila by Rosamosi Studio ~ get on board with the Mussila band and learn the basics of music with an accelerated method designed with extremely FUN gameplay! Research shows strong connections between music and stimulating the brain to accelerate language development, speech perception, vocabulary building and even a connection to reading readiness skills. Music has the gift to increase the connection between the body and brain to work together as a team. Music can be a calming mechanism, a memory tool and a wonderful creative channel for young children. And when we provide musical experiences to early learners, they instill essential social and emotional skills as well. The appreciation of music will remain with them throughout their entire lives. Fun play & Fast Learning!

But let's not forget all the other wonderful features offered by the ingenious app, Mussila, this rapid-fire design results in fast and consistent learning, where children are engaged and flourishing!


  • Gorgeous illustrations
  • Participate in interactive jam sessions
  • Customise the Mussila band
  • Record your own music
  • Play piano notes
  • Define rhythms and melodies by ear
  • Earn new instruments and outfits
  • Learn to recognize 12 instruments
  • Gender neutral
  • Zero Violence
  • Simple interface
  • No in-app purchases
  • No Ads
  • Engaging skill building levels

mussilaMussila the Musical Monster Adventure that I reviewed a while back was a wonderful wakeup call for me. "... I began for the first time how to understand reading music and it dawned on me that it had never been introduced to me in such an uncomplicated and coherent method." When working with the NEW Mussila app children we observed demonstrated appropriate progression that easily led the children from listening and identifying musical instruments to smoothly transitioning to matching a melody to the written notation. The fun was sustained throughout the experienc and collaboration was a natural fit for this app. We also observed peers helping one another and even some healthy competition surrounding gameplay. When I myself tried playing solo in order to reach higher levels I was finally able to understand how math is directly related to music. By listening to the beat or clap I could determine which notes were being played and realized I could recognize how the notes were placed or connected. This was a first for me comprehending that a remarkable array of number properties exist within music.


Now that may not be a big deal to you, but for me... my first-grade music teacher told me not to sing! And I never did sing again or even consider playing a musical instrument.

By combining gaming with education to achieve fast learning Mussila delivers a musical adventure like no other. Magically kids intuitively pick up on the basic principles associated with music and have a blast doing so! Remember parents play the most important role in musical education when it comes to expanding a child’s musical horizon. So hurry out now parents and get this app, don't forget to share how awesome it is to your children's teachers!

Mussila – Fun Play – Fast Learning

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1 Response

  1. Read your review and went straight to buying the game. My kids and I have already had so much fun with it!
    As a father with a busy schedule, it is sometimes hard to find things I can enjoy with my kids with short notice. I enjoyed being around to watch/help them complete the tasks of the game but they were also happy to play on their own.
    I have always been a music fan myself, feel like I need to pick up that old guitar again…