Mussila – Musical Monster Adventure

10469-logo-mussila-musical-monster-adventure-notes-piano-rhythm-melody Mussila - Musical Monster Adventure by Mussila is a wonderful app that brilliantly teaches children the basics of music, it is hard not to fall in love with the delightful characters and enchanting music. What child doesn't fancy a cute monster? This app follows a comprehensive music curriculum and the player progresses through 60 skill levels. The activities begin with recognizing simple instruments and progresses all the way to reading musical notation. Kids need to select the correct instrument to go with the music played, it starts out with just two instruments and builds to choose from a much larger selection. Later children need to decipher diverse instrumental sounds, enchanting rhythms, and melodies, as well as reading and playing music all with the help of the captivating and unconventional characters. TWA was impressed with the design, detail, simplicity, yet gorgeous display of beauty that this app brings to children. No child is too young to be exposed to music and this app does so grandly with engaging and even-paced sections. Of course, this app does much more than teaching your child music appreciation, it will prepare anyone in understanding how music is formulated and give them a boost by training the ear at an early age. Another appealing characteristic is it is gender neutral and will engage both boys and girls, even though it includes adorable costuming activities to accompany the games. Features:imgres-1
    • Participate in interactive jam sessions
    • Customise the Mussila band
    • Record your own music
    • Play piano notes
    • Define rhythms and melodies by ear
    • Earn new instruments and outfits
    • Learn to recognize 12 instrumentsimgres-5
    • Gender neutral
    • Zero Violence
    • Simple interface
    • No In App Purchases (IAPs)
    • No Ads
    • Engaging skill building levels
  As the app advances through the different levels a review of the previous levels is given as well as more challenging cadences. I was quite surprised when I looked up the first time seeing thirteen different levels and then the next that there were another dozen levels to go. Along the way, I began for the first time how to understand reading music and it dawned on me that it had never been introduced to me in such an uncomplicated and coherent method. Mussila - Musical Monster Adventure surprised me again when I realized that I was only half way through and that there were 60 levels in all. This certainly gives this app a longer shelf life than most and it is highly recommended for every child's iPad! IMG_0276-1 IMG_0282 3f24cea7-3b66-453b-9ffc-653dd0f536c3 IMG_0280                        
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2 Responses

  1. I liked your application. I think my children will also like it very much, now it’s so difficult to find a good application for children without ads and everything else.

  2. Great App !! I have introduced the app to my nephews and he loves it. I recommend it to everyone with toddlers at home…I will soon try other apps as well. Thanks for sharing.