My iPad3 & the SMART Board

My iPad 3 arrived ahead of schedule. It wasn’t supposed to ship until next week. After one failed attempt at delivery,  I met the UPS truck at the local  7/11. Long story short, the driver literally jumped through hoops to get it to me. In this small town, some people will still literally go the extra mile to help one another out. I have been patiently waiting for the day that I could share the many apps on my iPad with my students via the SMART Board. My old iPad, being the original model, did not have the ability connect to it. On the first day, we dove right in and watched the Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. The app was brilliant on the big screen and the students were mesmerized as the story came to life and filled the room with excitement. After the story, I asked each child what they thought the author's message was. Their responses were varied, yet each one was spot-on! The first responded by saying that she thought that the author was trying to tell us that "Reading keeps you young!" (P.S. - I am a special education teacher.)  All the others were just as impressive. Motivating my students to read is HUGE! Last Thursday on Ed App Talka contributor posted this video clip from someone on YouTube using a SMART Board and an iPad demonstrating a touch screen interactivity with the use of an iPad. After watching this clip, I started digging around a bit. I couldn't find any connection to anything regarding the SMART Board and the use of any apps on the web. It was frustrating, having seen the video, knowing the app he was using, and not being able to figure it out. Finally, I got the where-with-all to get to the bottom of it. I went directly to YouTube and found out his name and email address, not a difficult task to do these days. I emailed him to ask how this scenario worked. He got back to me very quickly and asked, "How can I help?" After the description of I'm a teacher = I saw this video - I want to use my new iPad3 -  I want to do the same thing in my classroom.... He never got back in touch. Again, more digging and I found his personal website. OMG! Mystery solved! I learned from his website that to do this,  your iPad needs to be jailbrokenA "jailbreak," is letting, or paying a hacker to undo some settings inside of your mobile device and subsequently enable features that aren't available beforehand. This blog post had already been postponed while I was working on some answers about the use of the SMART Board and the iPad and how to enable the touch screen to the board... WELL, to make a long story longer after I learned the awful truth -  I contacted SMART Board directly and a very pleasant gentlemen explained that this same video had been posted and removed from their Facebook page. He wasn't able to give me any other information about IF or WHEN this was something that SMART Board was considering with Apple. As teachers, we can only hope that this has a legitimate future but for now, I'll just stick to apps that have enough on their own to warrant a viewing on the big screen.      

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  1. David Keck

    How do you put apps up on the smartboard?