Mystery Word Town – Sight Word Spelling Update

  400x400bbWhoa there little fella, this just came in….Artgig’s Mystery Word Town has been updated. The review for the original release of the app is Here. We loved the western theme and the gameplay and music were quite infectious making it one highly successful app. The updates make this more classroom and parent-friendly with the ability to customize your own word lists. And the best part of this update is that it was made for you and it’s free to previous owners. Artgig consistently stays on top of the educational pack by listening and adapting their apps to not only their customer’s feedback, but to current trends in education and teaching. There are also lots of added surprises to be found including some pretty fantastic interactive features within the app to explore. For such a major update, this is very generous on the part of Artgig. IMG_2277Customizing word lists is easy as 123! And, including the child in the process of making and recording new lists in the game makes it priceless. Kids can help make up new vocabulary lists (or a spelling list from school) and record their own voice in sounding out the word. This brings the visual, auditory and motor systems on board, and that helps make the material stick. The more a child invests in the creation of gameplay, the more they will want to replay and refine it to their growing repertoire of words – as well as try to outsmart their friends. Adding silly or made up words not only enhances the fun but is a great opportunity to increase memory and apply decoding skills. Pairing kids for play just up the fun factor. IMG_2271Let’s look at how simple it is to add words. Hit customize under a level. Give your list a name, then begin entering the word on the left-hand side of the screen, record the word, tap good or re-do, and then done! I really love this feature as it takes into account varying dialects and it would be easy to use it as a vocabulary builder for learning another language.   IMG_2276Gameplay centers on locating the gold nuggets, hidden all over town and capturing the crooks. The artwork is fabulous and part of the fun is building your own avatar to keep your place in the play. Exploring this western town is a gas. Every building as it is unlocked leads to rooms full of surprises to uncover. Whether playing guitar for all the little doggies or listening to the portraits tell stories, there is something to entertain everyone. Visit the Town News Wall to discover the crooks you’ll still need to capture and get a little advice from Madame Electra. There are three levels of challenges, and enough to keep all your cowpokes engaged. So giddy up and get going – Word Town needs another deputy to catch the Huevos Rancheros gang and reclaim their gold! A TWA Pick for sure.  
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  1. I’m becoming an enthusiastic follower of Jo Booth’s reviews. They contain detailed information in a nutshell that helps tremendously when it comes to finding appropriate content within the various genres and multitude of titles on offer. Thanks to both reviewer and Teachers With Apps for supporting the process.