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imgres-3 Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Rajiv Parikh, VP of Marketing at Nearpod and got to tell him how excited we are at Teachers With Apps about all the well-orchestrated components that Nearpod has to offer educators and students. Don't just think VR or headsets, and don't be surprised when you read about their completely comprehensive platform. Nearpod in the NEWS! unnamed-2Teachers can design, plan, and execute stunning multimedia presentations in minimal time which can include videos, surveys, images, drawing tools, VR, memory analysis and customized quizzes. And don't forget to ask your students to do a reflection piece about their experiences with the  Nearpod application to promote their writing skills.
Teachers can download and customize over 3500 ready-to-teach, K-12 lessons from the Nearpod library.
The beauty of the concept is that children can access a teacher’s presentation through a code on their own device. Open Ended Questions give plenty of room for creative and critical thinking and collaborative and cooperative learning is a natural segue with partner pairing or small groups.
By far the choices to add interactive features and the ease of use make this an incredible classroom asset for both the teacher and the students. Combining web browsing, surveys, short answers, long answers, collaborative work, educational videos, digital drawing, and snippets of virtual reality or 360 3D encounters initiates deep discussions. Nearpod is an enormously powerful platform that allows students to dig into concepts, explore content and have exhilarating learning experiences. The power to engage students resulting in genuine enthusiasm about their learning is a what we are all striving for in the educational field. We could go on and on about the benefits of differentiation, the physical and social ramifications and the sheer quantity of already premade lessons for grades K-12. Watching this video will give you an idea of how transformational Nearpod can be and hopefully encourage you to consider this accessible and straightforward platform for adoption. Check out some of the most popular Nearpod FREE Lessons HERE.

AND STAY TUNED for more on the Ready to Run PD!

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