New Noisy Bug Book-App Release 2.0 Features Match-the-Bugs Game

appicon_1380605436_56060Kids are fascinated by bugs. And bugs ARE fascinating! A newly released version 2.0 of Noisy Bug Sing Along Book App from dawn Publications includes a matching game that teaches kids about sound waves as well as how bugs make their noises. With this new entertaining and highly educational app in hand, kids will learn what the different insects sound like — and sing along! This interactive app is based on the book Noisy Bug Sing-Along, published by Dawn Publications, a company dedicated to encouraging kids to appreciate nature. Written, illustrated, and narrated by a bug expert—and with the help of recordings of the actual insect sounds—children will see and hear insects as they actually move their bodies to make sounds. Bugs don’t have vocal chords, and they don’t use their mouths to make sounds. Instead they move different body parts to make those sounds – which are often quite LOUD. Then kids are invited to play the Noisy Bug Game to match the sounds (and sound waves) with the right species. This app is a wonderful introduction to the noisy, busy world of insects. Plus it’s fun for the whole family — the perfect way to get the child in your life outdoors, observing nature closely. 


* Play the game at the end by matching each bug’s sound (and sound wave) with the correct species * Extreme close-up artwork is scientifically accurate * Choose between “Read to Me” and “Read to Myself” * Touch the bugs or jiggle the screen to watch them move their bodies in the way that they produce sounds! Remember, insects do not create sounds through vocal chords, but by moving other body parts. * Hear actual recorded insect sounds. * Have fun with onomatopoeia – sing along with the author as he imitates the bug sounds. * Includes interesting extra information about each featured species. * All information is scientifically accurate. The author, John Himmelman,  is an expert on insects. When John Himmelman was eight years old, he started his first “Bug Club” in a friend’s garage, and he’s been playing with insects ever since. Even now, on summer nights John is often in his wooded yard in Killingworth, Connecticut, flashlight in hand, searching for little creatures. Some of his most exciting discoveries are found just a few feet from his house! John co-founded the Connecticut Butterfly Association, is past president of the New Haven Bird Club, and both gives nature programs and makes school visits. He is an author and illustrator of over 75 books for children. John’s enthusiasm extends to his family—his wife is an art teacher, his son is an artist, and his daughter is an actress. For more information or media inquiries, contact Sandy Philpott, About Dawn Publications and Simply Nature Media Dawn Publications,, is a nature niche publisher since 1979, specializing in connecting children and nature through quality books that inspire a deeper understanding and appreciation for all life on Earth. For more information contact Sandy Philpott, Malachi Bazan has joined forces with Dawn to develop inspiring and educational products in digital format. Malachi has extensive experience as a character modeler for Hollywood movies and major video games. He can be reached at      
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