As approximately 450 million international viewers watched the 125th Rose Parade, children, parents, grandparents, teenagers, young adults, middle age people and senior citizens were all encouraged to begin the New Year by believing in the parade’s theme, Dreams Come True.  Dreams Come True is a great way to start 2014 as many young and older people throughout the world have set their New Year resolutions..
Our dream at Skoolbo is that every child learns to read and gains confidence with numbers… these are life’s essentials. We believe that technology can dramatically help and that the best way to do it is to make it lots of fun and to make it FREE! was founded in 2010 and our mission is to provide every student access to innovative digital learning resources so that every child has the opportunity to reach her or his full potential. Launched June 2012, the multi-platform and multi-player Skoolbo Core Skills is an educational app that focuses on numeracy and literacy for 4 to 11 year old children. Once the student signs in, she or he creates an avatar by picking eye and skin color, hair color and style, an outfit of choice from multiple pant, shoe and shirt combinations and the option of glasses.  After the child has created her or his avatar, she or he can begin answering questions. The students take three test rounds to determine their learning level and each round gets more difficult as correct answers are selected. Students also have the option to test their skills against students worldwide.  As the world’s largest educational game with a massive library of content, world-leading graphics and over a hundred thousand audio files, the Skoolbo Core Skills currently has over 70,000 user questions available for children to answer. As Skoolbo strives to improve educational outcomes for children and play a leadership role in the elimination of global illiteracy, we have had the unique opportunity to learn how Skoolbo Core Skills is impacting learning outcomes throughout the world. Below are several examples of how Skoolbo is beginning to set the foundation to make dreams come true for students since its launch 18 months ago: More than 300,000 students, teachers and parents are using Skoolbo in over 140 countries. In San Diego, CA, USA, 622 students at King-Chavez Academy (King-Chavez) have answered 503,366 total correct answers on Skoolbo as of October 2013 with an average improvement rate of 52.1%. Sergio is one of the top student users at King-Chavez.  Through his own self-initiative, he has answered 45,370 questions by playing 2,422 games on Skoolbo before and after school and has an average improvement rate of 154%. Led by Shane Hill, the CEO and Founder, the dynamic Skoolbo team of dedicated educators and developers has used today’s technology and engagement techniques to create a learning app that provides a new way to teach and learn. Teachers throughout the world in public and private schools as well as after school programs have recognized the valuable role this educational tool can play in student learning. Ms. Unertl an elementary school teacher in Wyoming, USA understands the impact the Skoolbo app can have on learning outcomes and has integrated the app into her lesson plans:  “What I like most about Skoolbo is the differentiated instructions for my students.  This helps them learn at their own level even when challenging friends who may be at a higher or lower level. I appreciate that someone else has done the hard work of figuring out where the student is as well as moving them up and challenging them when they have achieved mastery.”  Ms. Francis, a teacher and writer for TeachersWithApps website, also recognizes the 11 years of teaching experience Hill brings to Skoolbo:  “As a teacher, I really appreciate the research that went into this app.  Literacy areas cover letter names and sounds, fluency development and vocabulary, as well as comprehension, grammar and spelling.  Numeracy covers number development, addition and subtraction, telling time as well as multiplication and division. The developers have taken into account US common core standards, the UK national curriculum as well as Australian curriculum.” In 2014, please join Ms. Unertl, Ms. Francis and other teachers throughout the world who have supplemented student learning by introducing students, such as Sergio, to the Skoolbo educational app.  Together, we can make Dreams Come True by learning and fine-tuning math and reading skills!
Laura C. Romero, Ph.D.
Vice President, External Relations
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