Nico & Draco, an interactive storybook about empathy

Kids will improve reading comprehension skills and learn values as empathy and friendship with the interactive storybooks series Nico & Draco. imgres-1Nico loves blackberry jam. His mother will make some if he goes to the forest and picks up some fresh blackberries, but there he’ll find something much better: a new friend. This is how the bilingual interactive storybook series Nico & Draco begins, developed by G4M3 Studios thanks to the imagination and talent of the writer Victoria Pérez Escrivà. Made for kids from 3 to 6 years, Nico & Draco tales will help teach values through the fun games and stories of this strange couple. Nico & Draco, available on iTunes and Google Play, has been created with the idea that having fun is the best way to learn. Therefore, it has 6 educational games for kids created in order that the kid can improve abilities as problem-solving and coordination while he learns numbers or the different types of vertebrate animals. In addition, the little ones will be able to read and listen to the tale in English or in Spanish, so they can learn languages while developing reading comprehension skills. An interactive storybook that kids will develop emotional intelligence with: Emotional education on kids is really important; the first chapter of Nico & Draco will show us a story where values as empathy and making new friends have a huge importance. Chapter by chapter, kids will learn new values and will improve their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. And they will be part of an unforgettable friendship. FEATURES:
  • Written by the awarded Spanish writer Victoria Pérez Escrivà
  • Bilingual storybook
  • Voices and texts in both, English and Spanish.
  • 6 scenes and 6 educational games for kids
  • A story about empathy
  • Original music
  • Targeted especially to kids from 3 to 6 years
  • Designed with the help of a psychologist specialized in digital education
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