NO, NO Nosy Crow, Don’t GO!

Certain staples are always on my iPad, especially examples of some of the greatest apps ever made. TWA was incredibly saddened by the NEWS that Nosy Crow, the premiere app book developer is ceasing to build any new book apps! No, No Nosy Crow, Don't GO!

download-1TeachersWithApps wrote back in 2011, The Three Little Pigs by Nosy Crow - is by far the most professional storybook app to date. The project spanned nine months from start to finish. Every possible detail has been taken into consideration and it is spectacular! This app has taken children's mobile books to a whole new level and it was evident in the children's responses. We heard cries of, "I LOVE THIS," over and over! downloadAnd Again in 2012, Cinderella by Nosy Crow  - There's a reason this app was named one of the "10 Coolest Book Apps for Fall" by USA TODAY.... because it is! You know the age-old fairy tale, but you've never experienced it like this. Cinderella by Nosy Crow lets you play inside the story. With its whimsy illustrations, engaging animation, wonderful children narrators and original music, this picture book app is top notch. It's designed for children ages 3 and up but adults will love it, too. imagesThe pattern continues in 2013, Little Red Riding Hood by Nosy Crow is just what we expected it to be, an exemplary educational book app in every possible way! They have thought of everything, including the choice of how long the text will appear on each page - short, medium, or long. Text highlighting is optional, as well. The story is told through a combination of text and talk bubbles, which seemed to draw the child in all the more. Of course, the illustrations and animations done by Nosy Crow are pure perfections, as always! If you haven't figured this out yet or possibly not heard, children’s publisher Nosy Crow is closing its in-house app department and letting three brilliant members of their staff go! The reason according to Nosy Crow's Kate Wilson: It seems that many parents don’t choose to spend money on digital content for children and fewer children and their parents are reading on screen than we had hoped.” As Warren Bucklienter so saliently stated, "We chalk this up to the growing culture of free that dominates the app stores". collage These two shots are a bit more than 5 years apart of the same child, my niece Karina. In the one picture, she is 18 months old and she appeared in this Best Baby/Toddler Review done in 2012. I remember it like it was yesterday since the focus of the review was about apps for our youngest children and screen time for anyone under 3 was controversial. I wanted a pic of Karina playing with any of those six specific apps. She was so smooth with the iPad that she kept closing out of them and heading back to The Three Little Pigs... like many toddlers over and over again! Just recently I had the pleasure of spending time with her when she spied Nosy Crow icons on my iPad it was off to the races! The Nosy Crow apps were just as mesmerizing then as they are today! I had great plans for a review of the longevity of exemplary apps, the beginning got a bit twisted. Luckily for us, these brilliant apps will remain on the iOS App Store and if you don't have them you should RUN to make the purchase, well worth every cent! The GOOD NEWS Reported by Kate Wilson, is that their print business is growing, with UK sales up by 35% year-to-date and even stronger international sales. They have focused globally and it has paid off, 59% of Nosy Crow’s revenues last year were from international sales. She is quoted, "It makes sense for Nosy Crow to focus our resources on the resilient children’s print market and on the area of the business where we are enjoying such success". nosy crow      
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  1. Thank you so much for this. We are so sad that we weren’t able to make continuing to make apps financially viable. And we are proud of what we achieved and of the innovation that we brought to the market. It is lovely to see our hard work, our craft, and our careful thought, appreciated.