Noodle Words HD – Action Set 1

  Noodle Words, by NoodleWorks Interactive, is simply adorable. This delightful app offers a wonderful learning experience for young children. Noodle Words is a highly engaging word game teaching the concept of verbs; it is suggested for children 4-to-7. What makes Noodle Words so irresistible are the Noodle Bugs, who are bulging with personality as they serendipitously act out the words meanings. They spin, stretch, squish, dance, laugh, pop, jump, as they demonstrate the meaning of each word in over 100 brilliant animations. A box of words sits on the floor waiting to be tapped when the player touches the box a word springs out. Children can then touch the word and drag it all over the screen, guaranteed GIGGLES GALORE. What a great way to aid in language acquisition and understanding as kids explore what the words and bugs do. Warren Buckleitner, Editor of Children's Technology Review, described Noodle Words as, "The power of magic, applied skillfully." According to NoodleWorks' website: Not all children learn to read the same way. Exposure, repetition, and context all help build relationships to vocabulary and understanding. Noodle Words is designed to offer emerging readers a playful place for language acquisition and word comprehension. Kids of all ages can explore at their own pace, and develop a love of word play through direct interaction. It's designed to draw in even the most hesitant early reader in a fun way. "At NoodleWorks, we believe learning is fun, and that’s why we focus on opportunities for kids to learn through the joy of play", says Mark Schlichting, founder of NoodleWorks Interactive. "It is our goal with Noodle Words to create a new category of interactive educational media that deserve to be called Toys.  
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