Off to Bed


download-2Off to Bed, the first app from Gavin Jones published under the brand of Stop Growing Up, is a delightful storybook to help assist parents in getting their tots off to bed. The app opens with a soft gentle melody and a picture of the globe, the globe has three major cities marked for children to choose from New York, London or Beijing. These three cities are the present options with more promised to come from this app developer.

Once choosing a city the page slides to a map with different destinations to visit. In New York, the big attraction is Central Park, but that may not be where the child wants to be - some of the choices are the ever popular Firehouse, the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, and even a Cupcake Store! All activities are closing up and getting ready to end their day.   In London, you can visit the grand Buckingham Palace, King's Cross Station or the London Zoo full of animals getting ready to settle down for the night.  In Beijing, some of the places to explore are the Great Wall of China, the Warrior Hospital with the exquisite terracotta soldiers from 2000 years ago, and on the light side a Dumpling and Noodle Restaurant getting ready to close up shop for the night. This app has made sure that there is something of interest to all children and does a stellar job of holding the child’s attention while slowing the pace for bedtime.     What really transforms the experience and makes this travel exceptional is the narration, while in New York the guide has a soothing American voice, in London, the docent has a calming English accent and in Bejing, the escorts speech is soft and soothing. All intended to relax the child and prepare them for a good night's sleep. I can't but wonder about the possible influence this app will have when it comes to inspiring dreams! All of the activities center around the day's end and helping the city and its inhabitants finish their day and get ready for bed. Each location is loaded with detailed animations intended to foster imagination and the shelf-life is great when you consider just how different each visit can be. Sleepyheads will wind down for the day; learning new words, visiting new places and discussing new cultures as they explore and learn alongside the grownups that love them. All they need do is choose a city and then make sure everyone is ready to go Off to Bed. This app also has a full-length lullaby available which you can leave on repeat or add to your favorite lullaby playlist. TWA had several codes and we sent them around the globe to get feedback from parents, grandparents, and teachers. They all LOVED the app as much as we did! IMG_2563 IMG_2564  
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