Oh No Fractions! 2.0 is finally here!

Oh No Fractions! 2.0 is finally here

Curious hat

Oh No Fractions!

By Curious Hat
Visually compare, add, subtract, multiply and divide two fractions with a unique and simple interface. Explore, play and test your fraction knowledge. Oh No Fractions! is built on the amazing feedback and response we had with the original free Curious Hat Lab app. We added 4 new fraction operations, so now you can perform the following operations on two fractions: - Compare - Add - Subtract - Multiply - Divide The visualization of fractions with simple, effective and interactive graphs, allows the user to explore the solution at each step. Statistics are kept for each successful and unsuccessful attempt to solve the problems. This feature is very useful, in the classroom for example, to monitor the child progress.
Oh No Fractions!
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