One Giggly Gorilla

unnamed-2One Giggly Gorilla developed by Wasabi Productions is a spectacular storybook app combining humor, math, and a structured plot that continually builds depending on a child's input. This app opens with one adorable gorilla hanging on a branch, the text can be read to the child and they need to follow the directions in order to help the gorilla climb the tree. The focus of giving children specific directions is a great way to keep them involved in the story, and if they didn’t quite catch it the first time there is a read again button conveniently located on the lower right of the screen. Now that you have enabled the first gorilla you are brought to the next screen with two giggly gorillas. This time, the child is asked to flick the gorilla with the straw hat first and then his friend follows. A variety of directions is given throughout using sequencing concepts, directionality, color words, and other clever prompts to keep adding to the group and bringing them all closer to the coveted bananas. Trystan1gorilla The story is a delightfully crafted in rhyme, giving a boost to early literacy skills as well as numeracy. By the time you have six gorillas on the screen the child needs to listen very carefully and remember different characteristics to move the gorillas upward. I was taken aback when one young boy field-testing the app started reading the color words to help him manipulate the gorillas upward, and several times he asked for the text to be reread to him. IMG_0811 Nine brings number sequence as lunch time approaches and the bananas are almost in reach. When the ten gorillas make it to the top the story is far from over. The user is asked to give the gorillas a tickle and start over again, and the young children I worked with began again - never missing a beat or thinking that was the end! What I found as an educator most admirable in this app was the attention given to including so many foundational skills all within one superb story. What I love:
  • Focus on listening skills, not stressed enough in today's society
  • Incorporation of other basic concepts, ex. colors, directionality, sequencing
  • Strong emphasis on literacy as well as math concepts
  • Design and use of interactivity are perfect for the age range
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