10 Best Online Study Tools for High School Students

10 BEST Tools HS

10 Best Online Study Tools for High School Students

High school students who are learning in an online classroom should have the comparative resources to help them excel in their studies. With the world at their fingertips, there really is no limit to the online study tools they can access.

We’ve turned to the teachers and staff at CalPac, a network of online charter schools, to filter through the thousands of resources online and find the most helpful study tools and apps for high school students.

1. StudyBlue

Whether students are cramming for a final or are stuck on a concept, StudyBlue can help them find the answers they need. The online platform is a community-driven library of flashcards, forums, and study guides. Students can use the free version to ask questions (to the community of nearly 7 million users) and sift through suggested flashcards within a particular subject or topic. The paid version ($7 per month if paid annually) gives students access to more than 400 million pieces of content. StudyBlue is available for Apple and Android devices as well, so students can study anytime, anywhere.

2. Quizlet

Another study platform, Quizlet allows users to create their own quizzes, flashcards, diagrams, and games to design their own fun, interactive learning experience. Students can also search through more than 250 million study sets and take the material with them wherever they go—since the app is also available on mobile devices.

3. Duolingo

Duolingo is an excellent app for high school students, no matter what level they are at in learning a language. It features comprehensive guides for nine commonly taught languages and can be helpful to beginners and more experienced speakers. The app also turns learning into a game, with intuitive, step-by-step progressions that involve vocabulary and grammatical concepts. Best of all? The app is free and available for Apple and Android devices.

4. Desmos

Desmos is a free online graphing calculator that students can use to graph functions, plot data, and evaluate equations. The site and mobile app are both extremely user-friendly and include valuable guides and resources to help students get the most of the calculator. It’s also very simple to print, export, and share the graphs and solutions students create.

5. EasyBib

Citing sources is necessity for high school students, but creating bibliographies can be tedious. EasyBib has been around for more than a decade and keeps making it easier for students to cite their sources correctly. With the free mobile app, students can simply scan a book’s barcode, or use the search function to cite a website, database entry, image, or more than 50 other options.

6. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a completely free personalized learning resource with an online library of more than 3,000 courses, videos, and exercises. Also available as a mobile app, Khan Academy offers lessons in math, science, and history. The platform also allows students to complete daily reviews and track their progress.

7. iStudiez

Juggling a full academic course load plus extracurricular activities can be a lot to handle for high school students. Enter iStudiez Pro. The app allows students to track and organize their schedule, homework, grades, teacher contacts, and to-do lists in one simple, easy-to-use place.

8. Cold Turkey

The plethora of online resources comes with plenty of online distractions. Cold Turkey helps students stay focused by blocking applications and websites for a set amount of time. There’s also a mobile version that does the same thing for phones—making students quit all their distractions, cold turkey.

9. Focus Booster

Studies have shown that the Pomodoro Technique—a focus strategy that involves timed combinations of concentration and short breaks—can help students stay focused on a particular task. Focus Booster gives them the tools to implement this study technique and develop a deeper understanding of their work habits.

10. Evernote

Evernote gives students the ability to take notes however they want and organize it all in one place online. They can type out their notes, take a photo, create checklists, record audio, forward emails, and even write notes by hand onto a screen (for devices with that capability). Once it’s on Evernote, students can search and organize their notes using notebooks, categories, and tags.

What online tools can your high school student not live without? Share with us in the comments below!

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