Hide Run Growl & Open Wide Snap

Open Wide Snap is a fabulous book, by Kid-estorybooks, that we recently had the privilege of reviewing.  This book is specifically designed for the toddler through kindergarten aged child in mind. The simple animations, delightful illustrations, wonderful rhyme, and repetition, as well as the rich expression in the narrator’s voice, will capture all children’s attention.  This ebook will inspire them to read and learn and re-read again and again.  The beauty of this app is its ability to further engage children through understated quality. It didn't go over the top and lose sight of their goal to provide a rich, interactive platform to turn children on to reading. The youngsters we read with adored the characters and loved the cadence of the rhyming in addition to the fabulous storylines about friendship that book's cover. They especially liked that during the read it myself option they were able to tap on a word and have just that word read when they got stuck. This app was designed with a younger child in mind than some of the students that we field tested the apps with. We may not have found out how excited these "reluctant" readers" were with these stories if we hadn't given them an opportunity to read these books themselves. If you have youngsters and want to hook them into the literary scene these apps are perfect! Open Wide Snap tells the tale of this crocodile in desperate need to have his teeth cleaned. The crocodile decides to find a helper. He meets many animals on his journey, but none of them are keen to help a reptile of his reputation – except for one.... yes, the adorable bunny again! This book has new characters as the adventures in the jungle continue.

Features: • Animated and Interactive, words that zoom up and are spoken when pictures are touched • Professional voice narration by British Children’s celebrity Sarah-Jane Honeywell from BBC CBeebies TV shows • Original rhyming story and beautifully animated illustrations

• Read to me – perfect for toddlers who love to listen to a narrated story, but can also see the words highlighted as they are read

• Read it myself – great for more established readers who want to read without narration, but can still touch a word if they get stuck, perfect for building confidence in young readers • Games – puzzles and pairs with characters from the book will help your child excel in, problem solving, concentration, memory and linguistic skills

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