Order of Operations

  Order_of_OperationsOrder of Operations by iDevBooks is an outstanding app that every teacher and every student should have an introduction to early on! The concept here is a bold one. Most students in the US have been taught using the mnemonic device of PEMDAS, which stands for Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction. This is traditionally what is called the "order of operations”. Unlike PEMDAS this innovative app relies on the Boss Triangle. The Boss Triangle teaches the “order of operations” in a different way;  research shows that students understand math in a more conceptual way. Hurry up, get Order of Operations now, all children need exposure and practice to prepare for the demands and rigor of the curriculum, without this understanding they may only go so far. imgres

The app uses a hierarchy of operators triangle called boss triangle that shows the order of operations using a pyramid with exponents at the top, x, and ÷ in the middle and + and - at the bottom. The rules are shown in a visual way instead of mnemonics. 

Understanding this technique ensures that students will not be as prone to making mistakes in the more difficult stages of mathematics that they will encounter later on since they truly have a number sense. Hey, we all know that there is more than one way to solve a math problem. If you aren’t convinced yet then know that mnemonics are not used in teaching order of operations in Finland where they consistently score in the top three! iDev Books is an app company based in Finland themselves and this app adds to their extensive suite of apps and puts a feather in their cap for knowing what works when it comes to mathematics.

The Boss Triangle is visual, it does not depend on the English and works for all children regardless of their native language.


Students learn the Order of Operations the way they learn the rules of football, basketball, or baseball: by practicing it correctly. It's critical that students understand the nature of numbers and why we use the Order of Operations. It is true that PEMDAS works most of the time, but it only approximates the real logic behind the numbered scene. This app may look simple, but its powerful concept will help students gain insight into numeracy and be of great assistance as the work gets more difficult!


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  1. […] Order of Operations by iDevBooks is an outstanding app that every teacher and every student should have an introduction to early on! The concept here is a bold one.  […]