Over in the Ocean: In a Coral Reef

NEWteacherwithappsOver in the Ocean: In a Coral Reef, by Dawn Publications and Simply Nature Media, is a brilliant app that's chock full of Fishy Facts. This darling rhyming and repeating number story promise to draw in young kids and keep them hooked. Children count, poke and jiggle the ocean animal babies to make them graze, skitter, dart, jump, grind and much more. There is a special game where children have to find all the babies in a counting game. This app is a delightful way to reinforce multi-sensory learning. Additional app pages have information about coral reef animals with the different species featured, including a photograph of each. Great teaching tool for many levels!  “This App is jam-packed with vibrant colors, engaging interactivity, fluid poetry, predictable text and “teachable moments” with the infusion of content areas such as math (counting skills) & science (sea life)! FEATURES ★ The remarkable artwork is constructed entirely from polymer clay! You will want to grab your own colored clay after illustrator Jeanette Canyon explains how she does it. ★ Choose between “Read to Me,” “Read to Myself,” and “Sing to Me.” ★ Children can touch the animal babies or jiggle the screen to watch them perform their distinctive true-to-life actions (for example, the pufferfish “puff” or the octopus “squirts” dark ink). ★ After being introduced to all the animal babies (one octopus, two parrotfish, and so on) the babies "up and swam away!" The child is invited to play a counting game to find them all “from ten to one.” ★ Includes a real-life photograph of each animal with interesting information about the species. ★ All information is scientifically accurate. The author also explains the wide variety of ways in which animal parents care for their young. We must give credit where credit is due.... The book was written by Marianne Berkes - a teacher, librarian, and children's theater director. The magnificent illustrator/artist is Jeanette Canyon, who loves working with polymer clay and using colors, patterns, and lots of texture in her work. RUN to buy this app! The developer, Malachi Bazan, made this app come alive with all the wonderful interactivity. Rumor has it, a series is underway. Stay tuned!  
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