Owl Eyes: Annotating Made Easy

images Owl Eyes: Annotating Made Easy You’ve been there: guiding your students to annotate in the margins of books or on sticky notes (if the book has to last multiple years). Perhaps your situation’s been much more dire: like one teacher we know who stuffed hundreds of markable, see-through paper sheets between book pages. Think of the dry-erase marker mess! Luckily, a much simpler—and mess-free—annotating solution exists. Owl Eyes is a new web app that allows you to read, annotate, and collaborate with your students on any device, at no cost. Within minutes, teachers can create their virtual classroom, invite students, and assign reading and annotate homework from the free etext library. screenshot 1 Owl Eyes provides annotations that are aligned to Common Core ELA standards to help students work with themes, literary devices, and character analysis. You can control the visibility of these annotations as well: If you want to supplement the text for your students, switch them on. If you want your students to annotate and read independently, turn them off. screenshot 2 Owl Eyes also provides simple classroom-management tools that allow you to track reading progress, view quiz results, and annotate with your students. They’re constantly adding new texts, annotations, quizzes, and even lesson plans to help streamline your students’ learning (and your classroom planning) Ready to get started? Join Owl Eyes for free! If you have any questions, this how-to video can help get you started. YouTube Preview Image You can also reach the Owl Eyes team at support@owleyes.org anytime or via live chat on their site—usually business hours in the Pacific Time Zone. screenshot 3  
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