Easy to Use, Affordable Padcaster Allows Teachers, Students, and Coaches to Create Inspiring Content 
NEW YORK – Video is the teaching tool of our digital age and the Padcaster allows teachers, students, and coaches to connect on a brand new level. The Padcaster transforms an iPad into an on-the-go production studio, providing an easy way for users to create professional videos. Users can shoot, edit, stream and share with this new tool that turns any iPad into a professional mobile media powerhouse.
The Padcaster includes the following features that help both amateurs and those with more experience create professional-quality content that inspires:
  • SECURE FRAME – Rugged, commercial grade aluminum frame and urethane insert makes Padcaster both lightweight and durable. The Padcaster frame snugly holds an iPad for a secure and solid feel.
  • LENS MOUNT – With a 72mm lens mount and 58mm step-down ring included, Padcaster allows for a variety of wide and telephoto options.
  • LENS - A .45 wide-angle lens is included with the Padcaster
  • MICROPHONE – Padcaster’s  included unidirectional microphone provides enhanced audio.
  • AUDIO JACK – Padcaster’s dual microphone and headphone jack connects easily and securely so recordings can be monitored live.
  • TRIPOD MOUNT – Padcaster mounts to any standard tripod or monopod, giving videographers the stability and confidence to capture the perfect shot.
“Padcaster provides all of the tools, so all you need is an iPad and your imagination,” says Josh Apter, founder and CEO of The Padcaster, LLC. “The Padcaster is an invention born out of my own needs as a filmmaker. An iPad has the ability to capture the perfect shot and the Padcaster adds the stabilization as well as additional audio and video upgrades that are necessary to produce professional quality video.”
The Padcaster can be purchased online at Padcaster packages (including frame, lens mount, lens, microphone, audio jack and tripod mount) start at $399. Additional accessories are also available to customize any Padcaster to specific needs and requirements.
About The Padcaster
Featured in Apple’s “Your Verse” international advertising campaign for the original iPad Air, as well as the iPad Air 2 “Change” campaign, and Visa’s “Visa Checkout” campaign, The Padcaster is a patented, rugged multifunctional iPad case that transforms the iPad into an all-in-one mobile production studio. The Padcaster enables consumers to shoot, edit and upload video on the fly - or stream live right from the iPad. More than an innovative way to mount an iPad to a tripod, The Padcaster transforms the iPad into an all-in-one production tool. The Company is creating, developing and enabling a new category of convenient and cost-effective professional quality video documentation and production. For more information
The Padcaster is a trademark of The Padcaster LLC. All other trademarks, registered trademarks and products mentioned herein belong to their respective owners.
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