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Research-Based Literacy Tool – Helpful App for Struggling Readers

  FocusandRead - App for Struggling Readers - Research-Based Literacy Tool Evolves into Helpful App for Struggling Readers - How many students do you know who struggle to focus and read with sustained attention? What do you do to help students easily overwhelmed with large amounts of text on a computer screen? Many educators like you observe these challenges,…
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Zoe’s Green Planet for iOS and Android: An App About Colors

Square Igloo introduces Zoe's Green Planet 1.0 for iOS and Android. Zoe, a little green girl, lives on the green planet. She has never seen any other color on her planet until the day when Maho's family, from the red planet, landed their red spaceship. An encounter that will allow the two children to discover…
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Scribble Press

An amazing app that lets you be the author and illustrator as you create your own books. This is one cool tool!
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