A Parcel of Courage

14774812453238_w150h150The newly released interactive picture book “A Parcel of Courage” for iOS and Android inspires stronger family ties in a very wise and beautiful way. A PARCEL OF COURAGE App is ideal for parents of children ages 3­-6 years who want stronger family ties and are looking to enrich children's hearts, as well as their intellectual skills. The newly released and absolutely family­ friendly app for iOS and Android invites you to help three little boys and their granny to overcome distance and unlock a magic ritual for making your own wish come true! Enjoy reading and playing inside the story and get deeper with I Play mode providing you with an extra original brain ­balancing set of 4 learning games. grandpa__2048_1536 postman_winterThe fresh interactive picture book A PARCEL OF COURAGE brings families a whole new reading experience with it’s family ­friendly story, 15 eye catching and fully animated pages, 3 smart interacting modes, 7 amusing tasks that influence the ability to take the story to it’s happy end, 4 balanced educational games for both the right and left brains and wonderful dreamy rewards ­-  a magic flying lantern helps good wishes come true and a stunning airship. The story follows the lives of three ordinary boys who dearly miss their much loved Grandma, and how they plan to see her once again. It is a cute story full of tenderness and love, designed to get kids learning about dreaming and doing positive things as well as remembering their own grandparents and showering them with a lot of love, whether they live across the globe, or down the street. grandmas_kitchenI PLAY mode opens an extra original set of four learning games. “We noticed that kids especially enjoy games, therefore we went deeper with them and designed 4 amusing brain­training games developing logic and spatial reasoning abilities, basic counting skills and photographic memory.” says Maria Stravinskaya, play designer and co­-founder of Moona Group. “We are especially happy with our Mandala exercise based on the Shichida Method known as “Soul Education”. It is a proven teaching method to create a well­ balanced child with abilities and creativity using the whole brain efficiently. At the moment the method is undeservingly under-represented on iOS and Android apps for kids and, as  parents, we are very motivated to continue to adopt the Shichida Method in our future apps.” A PARCEL OF COURAGE is featured with beautiful artwork inspired by vintage aesthetics, laconic navigation menu, intuitive interface and takes advantage of the gyroscope, front­ facing camera, multi­ touch screen, and retina display. magic_lantern"This is our first app for children” says Maria Stravinskaya. “The app is inspired by our own story. We created A PARCEL OF COURAGE with our three children with a goal to get our granny, who has a strong fear of planes, to join us at the other end of the world. It worked! And we aim to share this “strategy” with other families. We would also like to thank all the grannies and grandpas out there for all the love, affection and care they give to this world and especially to their beloved grandkids. We hope our app will encourage families to get closer together.” A PARCEL OF COURAGE App is available from the App Store and Google Play in two versions: App Store links • Lite version contains a complete interactive ebook with magical adventures and fun surprises; • Full version including the ebook and the special menu with 4 educational games available for a price of $2.99. Google Play links (coming soon) • Lite version contains a complete interactive ebook with magical adventures and fun surprises; • Full version including the ebook and the special menu with 4 educational games available for a price of $2.99. Have a quick look at the app in the informative Youtube trailer. Visit the Media Kit for screenshots and additional resources. artefact__2048_1536
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