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200x200bb Parenting Hero by MYTHICOWL was made in conjunction with Joanna Faber and Julie King, internationally renowned experts on interactions and conversations between adults and children. The authors of “How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen” an indispensable resource for anyone who lives or works with young kids were part of this app development. Parenting Hero provides effective responses to everyday occurrences that can be used to build a stronger rapport with children aged two to seven. By using Parenting Hero, this concrete tool with tips will help foster communication skills within families and cultivate a positive relationship based on trust. You as a parent foster security, respect, and compassion needed by young kids to grow into confident adolescents. Parent-child relationships are an integral part of maintaining a healthy family.

The app Parenting Hero is a wonderful tool to RESCUE parents in any number of tricky situations and TWA highly recommends this app as a MUST-HAVE  for anyone who deals with kids!

The Parenting Hero app opens to a home screen giving the adult the choice of Handling Emotions, Engaging Cooperation, Resolving Conflicts, and Praise and Appreciation. All of these topics are very typical in a parent/child relationship and they can happen anywhere. Parenting Hero takes you step by step through a role-playing scenario to show you how to calmly handle the situation, the escalation of emotions is suspended.   Teachers With Apps is anxiously awaiting the series to continue with Teaching Hero, Caregiver Hero, and maybe even the Sibling Hero to help reduce the negativity that often surrounds children. This concept is so simple and straightforward, as well as being incredibly easy to use and adapt that we hope parents heed the advice and realize how using the strategies in this app can open a new world for their families. Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 1.29.26 PM EASY to use with interactive graphics and story guides that will help you to: • cope with children’s negative feelings • engage children’s cooperation without bribes, threats or punishment • set limits while maintaining goodwill • encourage children to assume responsibility • resolve conflicts creatively • use praise effectively  

Back Story:

Tomasz Mularczyk 

As a teenager I used to surreptitiously read the parenting book "How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk" by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish -- mostly to be able to see through the tricks my parents were using, but also because of the hand-drawn cartoons, which were interesting to me as a kid. After my first child was born I found myself attending a workshop based on the book and saw in practice how effective and helpful the "How To Talk" approach is, and it changed the way I communicate.

Fast-forward a decade, now I am a father of three and I see that a new parenting book has hit the stores: "How To Talk So LITTLE Kids Will Listen," by Adele Faber's daughter, Joanna Faber, and Julie King. Of course I grab a copy. In my opinion this is the most accessible book for every new parent!

I’m very excited that the book is now accompanied by “Parenting Hero”,  an iOS app that our studio developed with Joanna Faber and Julie King. “Parenting Hero” uses the proven methods from the book and I see it as a fast and modern way to learn and practice parenting skills.

Hand-drawn comics similar to the ones in the book series allow the user to play out typical parenting challenges and choose how best to respond, giving parents new strategies for handling common conflicts with kids. You can even choose the wrong answers on purpose and see how the cartoon children react, without traumatizing your real children!

“Parenting Hero” offers effective solutions for everyday challenges with children.  I already find myself using it to resolve conflicts with my own family. The app includes 15 different scenarios, each with a choice of possible responses, along with tips and comments. It covers a variety of topics, including preventing fighting between children, engaging cooperation, and dealing with difficult feelings.  I hope it will be a valuable tool for helping families become more harmonious and less of a battleground.

How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen ~ A Survival Guide to Life with Children Ages 2-7 by Joanna Faber and Julie King know as “The Parenting Bible.”

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