Parents, Kids Drive Billion-Dollar Smart Toy Market



imgres   Day One A.M. First Up: The Anthropology of Play Is the anxiety that digital tech and kids being connected to their devices 24/7 putting traditional play at jeopardy?  NO, according to presenters. Toy industry results from the past two years seem to indicate that just the opposite may be true.  Common play patterns happen to be actually flourishing.  Did you know that kids consider YouTube a toy? In the Content Driven, Tech-Enabled, Digital Age – Could it be true? The more things change…. the more they stay the same. Over the past five years, parents and child development experts have expressed angst over the proliferation of touch screen technology and the “gamification” of everything.   unnamedMaria Bailey (BSM Media) reveals new research that shows parents are willing to spend big money for smart connected toys at Digital Kids. Ad Age credits Maria with creating the Marketing to Moms niche and calls her “One of the Must-Follow Women on Social Media.” Maria Bailey is an award-winning author, radio talk show personality, internationally known speaker and the foremost authority on marketing to moms. Her company, BSM Media is a full-service marketing and media firm that specializes in connecting brands with mothers. She has worked with over 300 brands across the globe including Disney, Wal-Mart, Kimberly Clark and Coca-Cola. She is the founder of,,, and Her New Book: “Trillion Dollar Moms: Marketing to a New Generation of Mothers” (Dearborn, 2005) WOW, what a speaker! The following infographic was shared and I can't wait to buy Maria's new book. Real research that mom's are putting their children first and readily spending the money on digital tech. Reviews by reputable sources seem to be the strongest factor in influencing sales, more so than paid from commercials or other forms of advertising.   unspecified  


Keynote: Paul Berberian, CEO, Sphero – Creator of BB-8 Droid Sphero was founded with the goal to put a robot into every home. They are one step closer to the massive launch of the BB-8 by Sphero droid. As a leader in Connected Play, Sphero is changing the way the industry thinks about toys. Sphero robots push kids to connect, play, learn and explore all through the help of a smart device. Paul's advice: We hired a full-time videography right from the start -VIDEOS ARE KEY and know WHY your product is better? Another piece of advice is to have a GREAT story to go with your tech product. Sphero considers themselves getting the most attention on the shelf, not in the App Store, but emphasized that your app needs to be right from the get-go!
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