ParisAppTours: Beware Mme la Guillotine, A Revolutionary Tour of Paris

NEWteacherwithappsParisAppTours: Beware Mme la Guillotine, A Revolutionary Tour of Paris, by Time Traveler Tours, is an amazingly sophisticated educational tool, that is also tremendously fun! This interactive StoryApp is written expressly for the younger set, but that didn't stop us from loving it. This app takes travelers back to a legendary moment in Parisian history, with a famous narrated/tour guide. Fantastique! The narration is one feature that makes this app a standout, as the story is told from the perspective of someone whose actions radically affected that time period. This app provides an engaging and vivid understanding of the sites included in Time Traveler whether you visit Paris or not. The iTinerary is a now a fully bilingual interactive voyage to Paris, France, during the French Revolution, told through the eyes of 24-year-old murderess Charlotte Corday in the moments before she is to face the guillotine. The unprecedented, Beware Mme la Guillotine, A Revolutionary Tour of Paris, or Gare à la Guillotine! Une Visite Revolutionaire de Paris when you make French your default language, is a must have for anyone learning about or visiting Paris. School groups and family travelers tired of traditional tour books now have a new way to explore the world's historic destinations with their mobile device.

This self-guided tour combines the traditional power of storytelling with the latest in mobile technology to bring history and culture to life in a most remarkable way.

As Charlotte tells her story of why and how she stabbed radical propagandist Jean-Paul Marat as he soaked in the bath, she takes you on a personal journey into the sights and sounds of Paris at the time of the Revolution. You go on a scavenger hunt following maps and clues, playing orientation games, and answering brainteasers throughout the tour. The developer, Sarah Towle, is the brains behind this gripping story that carries you back in time, and she has thought of everything! The app has sidebars providing practical information, maps, directions, tips, and at one point you are given a restaurant recommendation, Le' Cafe Procope. You will receive 10% off your lunch if playing the Time Travelers Treasure Hunt Game! All this to make learning about one of the most memorable moments in history, most memorable... whether you are home or lucky enough to be in Paris. BMB A Revolutionary Tour of Paris, this is not for the light of heart! Graphic depictions of the murder, using famous artwork and gruesome narration of the violent times, are not spared. This is one tour not to be missed. Maybe AirFrance would like to offer a special deal for all owners of this app... You have the option to listen to the narration in one language while reading along in another, or disable the text altogether and let Charlotte’s story unfold. The engaging, interactive, and fun "itineraries" provide users of all ages a unique experience and a greater understanding of this era in history through discovery. Next to come from Time Traveler Tours: two London itineraries (in development) as well as three more Paris tours:
  • Day of the Dead, in which fictional gravedigger Jean-Philippe Toulier takes you to the Catacombs and the Montparnasse cemetery during the time of Emperor Napoleon.
  • Long Live the King's Garden will take you to visit the gardens of the ancient régime’s Chateau de Versailles, enlivened by the adventures of France's true-life Indiana Jones.
  • In Focus, the story of Nadar, the world's first portrait photographer, and the late 19th-century boom that made Paris the envy of the world.
Time Traveler Tours is a web-based app developer and publishing start-up, founded in 2009 by Sarah Towle. This app focuses on teaching history through story. Its #1 mission is to provide great mobile content for educational tourism. Time Traveler Tours interactive StoryApp iTineraries are ideal for the ever-increasing number of young people traveling with their school groups and families. But they also offer a fun complement to related high school and home school curricula.  
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  3. Thank you Connie. Thank you Bill.

    Please spread the good word amongst all the teachers and students — and families — you know who are heading to Paris this spring. And tell them to look me up while they’re here!

    Many, many thanks to Anne and Jayne for the super review! As we say over here on the other side of the Atlantic: I’m “chuffed!”

  4. Connie

    Sarah, saw you on Educational App Talk. Congrats on the review!

  5. Bill foley

    Great piece of work Very educational and challenging. Makes history come alive and addicting.