Rounds: Parker Penguin – the Lastest Addition to Nosy Crow’s New Non-fiction Series

admin-aja175image-1Rounds: Parker Penguin, by Nosy Crow,  joins the Rounds along with the fabulous Franklin Frog book. The second ingenious installment in this series of non-fiction story apps is all about exploring the life cycle of a penguin. As always, Nosy Crow delivers an already beloved book without losing any of the charms; they have mastered introducing content in a delightful and fun way! Kids don't even realize that they are learning. Ask some questions along the way or after the story experience and you will be amazed just how much material they have absorbed. Children will learn that the penguin is a bird that does not fly,  is an excellent swimmer, eats its prey whole, encounters dangerous company in the sea, and mates. Baby penguins hatch from an egg and are all downy gray when a youngster. Oh, and yes, the dad takes care of the newborn! Did we mention FUN? Parker Penguin slips and slides all over the ice in his home in Antartica. The best part of sharing this app with students was watching their faces light up every time Parker pulled another antic. The best was when the lad in the photo mimicked the British narrator's voice perfectly, pronouncing and enunciating his words. Make sure you get this app soon, Parker Penguin, the latest addition to Nosy Crow's new non-fiction series, is simple yet sensational! photo-1Parker Penguin combines a warm, accessible wit with interactive and educational content, making it perfect for both the home and the classroom, and bears all the hallmarks of a Nosy Crow app – ingenious interactivity, original music, lively child narration, highlighted text, and charming animation. ✓ Learn about biology with dozens of fun facts about penguins and life on the Antarctic ✓ Join in on every stage of a penguin's life - sliding, swimming, hunting, marching, dancing, protecting an egg, hatching a chick - and then start all over again!  


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