Pepi Play is glad to announce the release of a new bundle

imgres-1Check this out QUICK! Pepi Play is glad to announce the release of a new bundle on the AppStore. Little Helpers: Educational Apps for Kids bundle will feature three most successful Pepi games. PEPI BATH, PEPI BATH 2 and PEPI DOCTOR were chosen for the bundle and will be offered at a discount. All three apps selected for the bundle share certain common feature — apps received almost universal praise from kids, parents, media and education specialists. Simple, yet perfectly executed and cute games are being used for play and education. We received numerous emails from parents telling their stories and play scenarios. Visits to the doctor, nail clipping or potty training can be so much simpler if a child is involved through play. Pepi Bath and Pepi Doctor explains basic daily routines and hygiene responsibilities in a fun way. That's why this bundle is called little helpers. It's a compilation of our finest work and a perfect package for parents who are just looking to get first apps for kids To celebrate the launch of the bundle, Pepi Play will offer two apps (PEPI BATH and PEPI DOCTOR) for FREE this weekend. Please share the news with your friends!   images-1 imgres            
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